Police investigating ‘Save Ferris’ graffiti on Rexburg water tower


REXBURG — Police are looking for whoever climbed the Rexburg water tower and painted “Save Ferris” in large, black letters.

The graffiti happened sometime between March 8 and 9, according to Rexburg Police Lt. Colin Erickson. The message is likely a reference to the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” It’s also the name of a ska punk band.

“Whoever did it climbed over a high chain link fence with wire at the top of it, and then scaled the tower to where a ladder is attached to one of the poles,” Erickson tells EastIdahoNews.com.

Erickson says police are taking the graffiti seriously because it costs taxpayer money to remove the paint and whoever climbed the tower risked their life.

“We’re concerned with the safety of the individual where someone could be injured — especially getting up that high,” Erickson says. “They possibly could have been injured or even killed.”

Police are asking anyone with information on the vandalism to call (208) 359-3008.

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