The Soda Barn 2.0 coming to Pocatello soon

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Sode Barn menu items | Facebook photo

POCATELLO – Cookie and soda junkies have enjoyed coming to the Soda Barn in Chubbuck since it opened in August 2017, but soon The Soda Barn 2.0 will have a home in Pocatello.

“We’re pumped. We’re excited. It’s fun. It’s been a fun process,” Soda Barn co-founder Bri Semons says.

The new location will be across the street from Idaho State University in Pocatello. It will be nearly double the size of the original Soda Barn with lots of room to sit, hang out with friends and sip on a cold pop.

The current Soda Barn is at 435 East Chubbuck Road. The business has a drive-thru window and a small dining area. The layout of the new shop will be a little different, but the treats will be the same as the original.

“There are two awesome locations where you can drive through, pick up your favorite cookie, your favorite soda, your favorite edible cookie dough because we do that too,” Semons says.

The menu includes more than 20 different sodas with dozens of different flavors and combinations.

Some of the more popular flavors include huckleberry, blue raspberry, cranberry, coconut, mango, Irish cream, pina colada, salted carmel, white chocolate and whipped cream.

The shop also offers seven different homemade cookie flavors, including coconut lime, chocolate peanut butter, chocolate chip, classic sugar, cookies and cream, monster cookie and oatmeal cream pie.

It takes around 30 employees to keep the soda flowing at The Soda Barn. It’ll take about that many at the new Soda Barn 2.0.

“It’s really chill here so it’s easy to make friends. It’s easy to get along with everyone. It’s not too hard of a job, (either),” Soda Barn Employee Jaycie Ozburn says.

The soda shop was a new concept when it first opened two years ago. Though there have been several different soda shops opening throughout eastern Idaho since then, company owners say The Soda Barn has continued to grow.

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“We thought it would be fun to have in Pocatello and Chubbuck,” Chad Harding, one of the owners, told the Idaho State Journal in 2017. “It’s new to this area, but it’s big on the east coast. I think it is something that will continue to grow.”

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The process of getting the new Soda Barn location ready to open has been fun, Semons says, but it isn’t over yet. They’re hoping to open in mid-August as students head back to class.

The Soda Barn founders hope the new location will make those quick soda runs that much quicker.

Visit The Soda Barn’s Facebook page to learn more. You can also call the Chubbuck store directly at (208) 251-0918.

Portions of this article were previously published by KPVI. It is used here with permission.