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Secret Santa

Family living in camper overcome with tears after a Secret Santa gives them gift worth over $50,000

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The team is busy helping a local man gift $500,000 this holiday season! Secret Santa is a real person who wants to remain anonymous and wants to help as many people as he can.

We will be surprising deserving people and families every day from now until Christmas with gifts unique to their circumstances.

Over the last three years, Erica and Brad Crow and their two adopted children have been through a great deal. They are a family that has always worked hard and supported themselves until recently. They never ask for a handout and have been extremely humbled by the graciousness of others during a very difficult time.

Brad was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma when he was 14. In order to overcome this type of cancer, he underwent radiation, chemotherapy and ultimately had a bone in his leg removed and replaced. Erica and Brad decided to build a home and because it was late in the summer, they built a shop first. The plan was to live in their camp trailer inside the shop through the winter and finish their home the following summer.

While building the shop, Brad fractured his leg bone and suffered through the pain to finish the shop for his family. He ultimately had surgery to replace the bone with artificial parts at the Huntsman Cancer Center in Salt Lake City.

He thought he was recovering well, but a few months later he became very sick and was rushed to the University of Utah due to a staph infection. He nearly died a few times and had several surgeries. After fighting the infection, doctors ultimately had to amputate his Brad’s leg. He also had to have a hip replacement shortly after the amputation and is likely facing another hip replacement on his amputated leg as that hip is deteriorating as well.

The family continues to live in their camper inside the shop and they are waiting for Brad’s health to improve so he can begin building their home. This has caused emotional and physical pain along with extreme financial hardship plus he loses his health insurance next month.

Secret Santa was touched by the Crows story and decided to gift them the biggest surprise yet: health insurance for a year and $50,000 to be used toward starting their home. Watch the surprise in the video player above!