UPDATE: EIRMC Hazmat situation over, investigators find white substance not a risk

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The Idaho Falls Fire Department has cleared the scene at EIRMC’s ER. Testing conducted on the scene revealed that the white substance did not pose a risk to staff or others who may have come in contact with it, according to a news release from EIRMC.

ER operations were maintained Thursday evening while Hazmat crews were on scene.


The following is a news release from Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center

IDAHO FALLS — On Thursday evening, a patient entered EIRMC’s ER carrying a container of an unknown white substance, stating that he had ingested it.

ER staff isolated the patient and notified on-site law enforcement, who secured the area as a precautionary measure. Idaho Falls Fire Department and the Hazmat Team were dispatched and assumed command of the situation. Relevant state agencies were notified and consulted.

Initial air monitoring conducted by the Hazmat team indicated no chemicals in the room. There is no one showing signs or symptoms of chemical exposure. The Hazmat team is currently conducting precautionary testing of the substance.

EIRMC’s ER remains fully staffed and open. We do not believe there is a threat of exposure to other individuals who did not have direct contact. There is no threat of exposure in areas where patients are currently being treated.

Out of an abundance of caution, EIRMC staff who had direct physical contact with the patient have also been temporarily sequestered until more information is obtained.

To allow Hazmat responders to operate, patients have been directed to enter the ER through the west side of the building, instead of the main entrance.

There is no additional information at this time.

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