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Petition circulating to recall Gov. Little over handling of COVID-19


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IDAHO FALLS — Idahoans unhappy with Gov. Brad Little’s handling of the COVID-19 outbreak have begun a recall campaign.

Idahoans for the Recall of Governor Brad Little had their petition approved to begin collecting nearly 184,000 signatures needed to put a recall measure on the ballot.

“He’s behaving like a king does, making unilateral decisions, deciding for himself how he feels things should be handled,” said Jennifer Zehner, one of the organizers of Idahoans for the Recall of Governor Brad Little.

Zehner explained that the campaign to recall Little is about more than the stay home order and closing down businesses — though, those are certainly part of it — but about him doing so without consulting the legislature.

“We wanted him to work with all of Idaho. We have a lot of legislators, people who have been writing him wanting to reconvene. And he refuses,” she said. has reached out for comment, but the governor’s office has not responded.

Deputy Secretary of State Chad Houck confirmed the Secretary of State’s office approved the Idahoans for the Recall of Governor Brad Little petition. The petition only needed 20 signatures from verified electors for approval.

The group now has until Aug. 11 to collect a total of 183,523 signatures, at least 20 percent of voters, to have the recall included on the November ballot.

“It is very daunting,” Zehner said. “We have been working many weeks now on getting people in each county to be county leads and area leads and city leads and organizing the people.”

If the recall measure makes it on the ballot, Little will need to receive the same number of votes in favor of recalling him as the number of votes he received when he was elected plus one for him to be recalled.

In 2018, Little was elected with 361,661 votes.

“I would like Idahoans to have a second chance to vote on Brad Little. Let’s just put it to a vote one more time,” Zehner said.

She said if the recall is unsuccessful, she is hopeful that it will serve as a wakeup call for the governor that Idahoans want him to work with the legislature and not take unilateral action in case of another emergency such as COVID-19.

“And part of it is also getting people involved in what’s happening in the government. Stop sitting back and hoping that your elected officials are just doing what you want,” Zehner said.

Anyone interested in learning more about Idahoans for the Recall of Governor Brad Little can visit their website by clicking here.