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When we got this email about a Walmart worker, we knew we needed to surprise her for Feel Good Friday

Feel Good Friday

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Today we are surprising a Walmart employee who made a big difference to a customer a few weeks ago.

We received the following email about Gloria, a worker at the Ammon Walmart:

I had to make an emergency run to Walmart this morning. We usually don’t go to the stores or even into town on Sundays but I grabbed what I needed, continued to self-checkout, rang up and realized I didn’t have my cards, wallet, money – nothing.

I asked the employee (Gloria) for help. Gloria explained they don’t have Google Pay/Apple Pay. I asked her if there is a way could go to customer service to pay. She said there is a way. She then fiddled in her pocket, slipped her personal debit card in and paid.

I don’t need the money. I don’t need the help. But Gloria didn’t think twice to help me when I did need it. And she did it without thinking of herself. I offered to Venmo or anything I could think of. I was very thankful and told her I wanted to make sure to pay her back (approximately $14) with a little extra for her generosity. This is where it really touched me. She told me that it no big deal and not to worry bout it because she does this all the time – mostly for the elderly who can’t afford all their groceries.

Gloria is genuinely a selfless person who likes to help others. It really hit me that we all can and need to do better to help others in these crazy times. I will return and make sure Gloria is taken care of for my purchase.

We decided to thank Gloria for her kind act and visited her as she was working on aisle 25! Watch the video above to see the surprise.

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