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‘Fablehaven’ author Brandon Mull planning a booksigning stop in Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls

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IDAHO FALLS – New York Times bestselling author Brandon Mull is coming to Idaho Falls.

The writer of the popular “Fablehaven” series is dropping in at Barnes & Noble for a signing Tuesday, October 26 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The signing is just one stop on a tour Mull is doing to promote his latest novel, “Dragonwatch 5: Return of the Dragon Slayers,” which releases October 26.

The new novel brings Mull’s ten-part “Fablehaven” saga to a close. The story follows “Fablehaven” protagonists Seth and Kendra as they work to avert an all-out war between mankind and dragons.

“(‘Fablehaven’) is kind of like if you blended ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Jurassic Park,’ that kind of vibe.,” Mull told “‘Dragonwatch’ is the second half of the ‘Fablehaven’ story, a direct sequel to ‘Fablehaven.’ I finished ‘Fablehven in 2010, and I felt like the story was over when I finished it. But in the intervening years, as I looked back, I realized that I didn’t really finish Seth’s journey. I left some things up in the air so I decided that I wanted to finish that character’s journey.”

Continuing Seth’s story also meant Mull could spend more time with dragons.

“We only spent part of one story in a dragon sanctuary but it was one of the coolest parts of the story,” said Mull. “So I thought ‘You know what? I’m going to write a sequel series that focuses on these dragon sanctuaries and focuses on the dragons.”

As a story that’s ending not only the “Dragonwatch” story but also the entire “Fablehaven” saga, “Return of the Dragon Slayers” represents the culmination of one massive continuous story. Keeping the story engrossing and engaging has been a challenge at times for Mull.

“One of the biggest challenges, to do it right, is you have to have the series crescendo and to sustain a crescendo over ten books is a long time,” Mull said. “To have things keep growing and building and the stakes keep getting higher and higher.” “

“When I wrote the ‘Fablehaven’ books, those five books crescendoed to a pretty big finale and I knew that in the second series, if I didn’t crescendo to a bigger finale, it would feel significantly smaller,” he added. “So I didn’t even want to try ‘Dragonwatch’ until I had a grander, bigger problem than I had in the first series that I could build toward.”

Judging by the success of “Dragonwatch,” Mull has succeeded in creating a story that builds to an epic conclusion and draws in its readers. Tuesday’s signing will be a chance for east Idaho fans to celebrate the series and geek out with Mull about his work.

“As a writer, I spend a lot of my time alone in a room typing,” Mull said. “I don’t get to see my audience. I know intellectually that there’s an audience for the books but I know it better in my heart when I get to interact with people and see ‘Oh, there’s a family who liked the books’ or ‘Here’s a guy who liked the books’ or ‘Here’s a kid who liked the books.’ To me, it’s very thrilling and fun to meet people who are engaging with the story and having fun with it.”

“My favorite part about being a writer is sharing the stories,” Mull added. “I have these ideas in my head and they seem cool to me. They seem fun to me. They seem like movies in my mind. But I had no way to share them or talk to other people about them because they only existed in my head. So the reason I started writing in the first place is that I wanted to take these stories that I could see and share them with other people.”

Brandon Mull’s book signing for “Dragonwatch 5: Return of the Dragon Slayers” will take place at Barnes & Noble in Idaho Falls. The novel is being released that same day. To keep up with Mull’s work, visit his website or Facebook page.

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