Chief deputy in Bingham County promises staff will protect ‘all members of the community’


BLACKFOOT – Multiple public officials have called for Bingham County Sheriff Craig Rowland’s resignation as he faces felony charges after allegedly threatening a youth group with a gun.

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In a news release sent to Monday night, the Bingham County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy, Jeff Gardner, issued the following statement:

“On behalf of myself, Chief Deputy Jeff Gardner, and the men and women of the Bingham County Sheriff’s Office, we remain dedicated to providing the public safety services the people of this county need and depend on. Bingham County patrol, detectives, jail deputies, dispatchers and staff are committed professionals who work hard every day to protect and serve our neighbors in this great county.”

“During this upcoming holiday season, our focus will be to serve all members of the community during this busy time for families, businesses, travelers and community events. Members of the Bingham County Sheriff’s Office value the important relationship with the Shoshone Bannock Tribal Council and Fort Hall Police Department. All valuable relationships are built on mutual respect, confidence, and trust, and the people of the Bingham County Sheriff’s Office remain committed to strengthening those relationships, with the shared goal of maintaining public safety.”

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