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Getting to Know David Rail of Redd’s Grill at the Shilo Inn in Idaho Falls

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1. Name, job title and company:
David Rail, General Manager/Owner of Redd’s Grill, Flying Goose Lounge and Snake River Event Center, all at the Shilo Inn.

2. What does your company do and what are your responsibilities?

  • Redd’s Grill – We serve gourmet burgers, steaks, salads, sandwiches, and a bunch of sides and appetizers.
  • Flying Goose – Bar and lounge with dance floor. Fireplace is an awesome feature.
  • Snake River Event Center – We have over 15,000 square feet of meeting space available for any size event, banquet, party, dance, conference, convention or other event.

3. Where were you born and when is your birthday (don’t need to include year)?
I was born in Glascow, Montana and lived in different places around the intermountain states with Provo, Utah being my childhood home. I also lived Germany and England as a young child. My birthday is Oct. 14.

4. How long have you lived in eastern Idaho and what city do you live in now?
My wife Tara and I have lived in eastern Idaho since 2009. We bought a house in Rexburg and have lived their since.

5. Tell us about your first job after high school/college.
After high school I worked at Brick Oven, a restaurant in Provo, Utah.

6. What is the best business decision you’ve ever made?
There are so many, but the most recent is opening up Redd’s Grill at Teton Lake Golf Course in Rexburg in 2016. It changed the direction of everything and led to opening up at the Shilo Inn in February 2020.

7. Tell us about your family.
I have two adult children. Taylor (24) works for us at the Snake River Event Center, Cheyenne (22) lives in St. George with her husband. Both of them are extremely talented and hard workers. Taylor has his pilot’s license and loves to talk about how flying works.

8. Tell us about a movie or book that has inspired you the most in life. (Rail didn’t have an answer for this one).

9. Tell us about a lesson you learned from a mistake you made in your career/business.
Throughout the years of being in business for myself, now over 27 years, the biggest lesson I’ve learned from mistakes is to never give up. When life trips you up and knocks you down, get right back up and go again. Being able to learn from the mistakes and then move on is a skill I’ve learned from having made my share of mistakes over the years. It has become an easier thing to do now.

10. What is a goal you hope to accomplish in the next 12 months?
I hope to be able to change the perception of the facility that we run at the Shilo Inn. We know the history and the reputation, and look forward to changing the perception and having the Snake River Event Center along with Redd’s Grill and the Flying Goose be a part of the community again by improving the customer service and if I am able, renew and update the building and other facilities we are responsible for. With the support of the community and with our determination, we will get there.

11. What is one piece of advice you have for someone who wants to do what you’re doing?
In the restaurant and event business, you work long hours. This past summer my wife and I worked 90+ hours per week to cover what needed to be done. This business isn’t an 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. kind of job. You have to be willing to give everything you have to make it work and come together.

12. If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?
Absolutely nothing. With every up and down in my life, my path has been what it is because of them. I have developed into what I am today because of the good and the bad. I would change nothing.

13. Where is your favorite place to eat in eastern Idaho?
There are so many great options coming to town. Right now, if I have to choose, either Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse or Stockmans. That will change though in the near future with a new restaurant coming to town that we found in Montana when my wife and I were on a road trip last summer.

14. Tell us something surprising about yourself.
Every time I tell people that I play the piano and studied music composition in college, they are surprised. Even more so when I add that I taught myself to play the organ. I also have my own Pandora Radio station with music I recorded and released in 2008. I think that would be the most surprising thing about myself.

15. How do you like your potatoes?
Yes. I like my potatoes. Anyway, they come at me. I am particularly fond of our fries. We hand-cut them and prepare them in a way that makes them light in the center, and slightly crispy on the outside. We think they are the best when enjoyed with our house-made fry sauce.

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