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Jefferson County Sheriff: ‘Young man’ facing charges after posting threatening TikTok video

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RIGBY – In the wake of two recent gun-related incidents at Rigby Middle School, a video making the rounds on TikTok and social media this weekend has parents in the school district on alert.

A video posted on TikTok Friday, which has since been taken down, warns followers to stay home from school Monday because there’s going to be another shooting.

“Ayyy everyone that has my TikTok and goes to (sic) rigby middle school I’m letting you know don’t go to school Monday there is gonna be another shooting I just letting you all know but do anything to not go to school Monday,” the text in the video reads.

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The video has gone viral in different social media groups and many parents are expressing concern about sending their kids to school.

“I say we keep the kids home and us parents go to school?? Dispatch is aware and has deputies working on it!!” one parent wrote on Facebook.

In an email to parents Saturday, Jefferson School District 251 Superintendent Chad Martin said administrators were working with the Sheriff’s Office to “identify the source of the threat.”

“School administration and the sheriff’s department have worked through the night and morning today … and have been able to identify the source of the threat. Appropriate legal and school discipline action will be taken. The threat has been resolved,” Martin writes.

We reached out to Jefferson County Sheriff Steve Anderson for more information. He didn’t provide any specifics about the person who posted it, but he tells it was a “young man.” As of Sunday morning, the student has been suspended and “charges are now being submitted.”

Anderson assures the community there is no longer any threat to the public and parents should not be concerned about sending their kids to school.

Rigby Middle School was placed on lockdown on May 6 after a 13-year-old female student fired a gun inside the school, injuring two students and a custodian.

The shooter, whose name and motive have never been publicly released, was taken into custody after the 5-minute ordeal. During a press conference later that day, Jefferson County Prosecutor Mark Taylor said she could be charged with three counts of attempted murder, pending an investigation.

There have been no further updates on the case since then.

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On Sept. 23, just four months after the shooting, another emotionally distraught 13-year-old girl was taken into custody after a gun was found in her backpack at the same school. No shots were fired and no one was injured.

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