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Secret Santa

Woman sobs, husband stunned as they receive gift from a Secret Santa

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The EastIdahoNews.com team is busy this holiday season helping a local man gift $1 million to deserving people in eastern Idaho. Secret Santa is a real person who wants to remain anonymous and hopes to bless as many individuals in our community as he can.

Jeff is a veteran who was diagnosed with cancer last year. Since then, he and his wife, Monica, have had multiple trips to the emergency room, wound care and visits to hospitals in Utah. Over the past 13 months, Jeff has only managed one complete month without a trip to the ER.

Through it all, Monica has remained positive and upbeat. She is the only one working (Jeff had 2 jobs when he became ill) and doing all the caretaking, cooking, cleaning and everything else. No matter their struggles, she refuses to let their challenges get her

If she sees someone is ill, she offers to make them homemade soup. If someone needs clothing, she goes through their things to help provide.

Every year for the holidays, they offer their meal and home to anyone without food or family available. She’s doing all she can to make sure others don’t fail and they put God first in everything they do.

Secret Santa asked the East Idaho News elves to visit Jeff and Monica with some early Christmas presents. Watch the video above to see the unforgettable surprise!