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Fort Hall woman created a disturbance, tried to punch an officer at a motel, police say

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CHUBBUCK — A woman accused of kicking and attempting to punch an officer has been charged with a felony.

Stoney High Eagle, 18, of Fort Hall, has been charged with battery on an officer following an incident at a motel in Chubbuck last week, according to court documents.

Officers from the Chubbuck Police Department were dispatched to a local motel around 2 p.m.on Jan. 14 for a welfare check, an affidavit of probable cause says. At least one caller told dispatch that a woman in the motel was drunk and threatening people.

When officers found Eagle, she was sitting alone against a wall in the motel’s main hallway, according to the affidavit.

Officers tried to help her, but due to her slurred speech were unable to understand her. She could not explain to officers how she had come to be at the motel or why she was there, police reports say.

Asked if there was a way for her to get home, Eagle told officers that her aunt was staying in the motel.

Employees confirmed that Eagle’s aunt did have a room in the motel, but said that due to the disturbance Eagle had created, they wanted Eagle removed from the property.

While one officer went to the room registered to Eagle’s aunt, the other stayed with Eagle.

According to the affidavit, Eagle began yelling. Asked why she was upset, she responded, “I just barely met him.”

When the officer asked her who she was referring to, Eagle answered, “B****, you know who the f*** I’m talking about.”

The officer told Eagle that her yelling was creating a disturbance and could lead to her being charged with a misdemeanor. She was asked to be cooperative as officers tried to help her get home.

After saying she would not cooperate, Eagle stood up and began walking away, according to the affidavit. The officer informed Eagle that if she did not want to be cooperative, she was free to walk home.

She then allegedly stopped and said, “You don’t even care who the f*** I am, do you?” To which the officer responded they did not and told her she needed to leave the property.

Eagle instead swung her fist at the officer’s face, the affidavit says. The officer dodged the punch and got her to the ground.

Once she was on her stomach with her hands cuffed, Eagle began kicking the officer. The second officer returned and helped the first to get Eagle to her feet and outside the building.

During a search, officers found a bottle of vodka hidden in Eagle’s clothes.

When officers tried to load her into a patrol vehicle, Eagle once again began kicking them, the affidavit says. She alternated between kicking and locking her legs so officers could not get her into the vehicle, and an officer hit her leg.

Inside the vehicle, Eagle allegedly kicked the screen separating the front and back seats repeatedly while she was transported to Bannock County Jail.

There she was booked for battery on an officer.

She was released on her own recognizance with testing on Jan. 18.

If she is found guilty, Eagle would face up to five years in prison and $50,000 in fines.

Her preliminary hearing was held Tuesday before Magistrate Judge Thomas Clark. Further proceedings have not yet been scheduled.