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UPDATE: Jefferson County bridge back open to traffic

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The bridge between Roberts and Menan on Idaho Highway 48 is back open.

Crews with the Idaho Transportation Department spent Monday afternoon removing the damaged surface and pouring asphalt in its place.

This is a temporary solution to the problem. ITD is working out a long-term plan with the county. Permanent repairs will happen at a later date.


MENAN – A damaged bridge in Jefferson County may be opening up to traffic later this week.

The bridge on Idaho Highway 48 between Roberts and Menan was shut down Sunday evening after extensive surface damage was reported.

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Engineers with the Idaho Transportation Department inspected the bridge Monday morning and determined the upper layer of the bridge surface detached from the layer below, causing the surface to break a part. It’s not clear what caused it, but ITD reports the bridge is structurally sound. Repairs will need to be made before it’s safe for drivers.

ITD and County Commissioners are discussing a temporary solution so they can open it up to traffic as soon as possible. They’re hoping to reopen the bridge on Thursday evening or Friday morning.

Permanent repairs will take place at a later date.

Until then, traffic is being diverted. Those living on the east side of the Snake River can take Lewisville Highway down to County Line Road. Bassett Road to County Line or Interstate 15 is an accessible route for people on the west side.

This route adds up to half an hour to the commute, depending on where you’re going, so plan accordingly.

Additional updates will be provided as they become available.