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Synth Society electronic music concert coming to Idaho Falls this weekend

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IDAHO FALLS — Music fans will get a treat when The Synth Society stops in at The Heart in Idaho Falls to play a show.

The Synth Society is a collective of Boise-area musicians, with its musicians producing a multitude of sounds. Saturday’s show at The Heart will feature four acts playing everything from electronic rock and synth-pop to industrial and techno.

The musicians behind the show told their goal is not only to expand their fan base. They also want to build a thriving scene for electronic music.

“We’re trying to build a scene in Boise and the surrounding areas,” said show organizer KC Thomsen. “We’re playing a show in Idaho Falls and we played Seattle not long ago and we’re working on other places like Salt Lake, so we’re trying to build a scene like Seattle used to have in grunge.”

“What I set out to do when we started getting everybody together was to differentiate electronic musical performances,” added Thomsen’s co-organizer, Daniel Leone. “Mostly, when people think of electronic music, they think of DJs and stuff like that. That’s all great, but what we do is something a little bit different. We perform live electronic music. It’s not really pre-recorded stuff. A lot of people do a lot of improvisation.”

Part of what sparked Leone and others to form Synth Society was the difficulty they had in booking shows.

“Myself and other people involved in the group have had a hard time getting on bills with other bands,” Leone said. “We couldn’t really find where we fit in the mix of everything. So the goal was to start our own scene and carve out our own niche.”

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Courtesy KC Thomsen

With the popularity of electronic music growing, Leone and Thomsen see an opportunity to not only grow their own audience but also open new musical doorways to potential fans.

“I think most people when they see our shows, they see something that’s different or maybe something they haven’t seen before,” said Leone. “Typically, you’re not going to see a synthesizer musician at your local venue. You might see some synths in a band but they’re usually not at the forefront of the music.”

Another goal for Leone and Thomsen is to show that electronic music performances can be much more than a guy on stage tapping keys on a laptop.

“The cool thing is that we’re live musicians,” said Thomsen. “People sometimes have loops or backing tracks but everyone plays live. Daniel and some other people just create things as they go, which is really cool because they can vibe off what the crowd’s doing.”

Thomsen and Leone are also excited to have an opportunity to push the sounds created by Synth Society out to an audience in an area that doesn’t see a lot of performances outside of certain musical genres.

“I think Idaho Falls and Boise are somewhat similar in that we have a lot of cover bands and people play what we would call ‘oldies music’ now,” said Thomsen. “But there’s a lot of demand for newer music and newer styles. People don’t get pigeon-holed into music anymore, which I think is totally cool. The coolest thing is playing this music live and getting the opportunity to showcase what we have going on in Idaho.”

You can catch the Synth Society featuring Black Market Analog, 5QRL (pronounced “Squirrel), Daniel Leone and Che this Saturday, July 30 at The Heart in Idaho Falls. The show starts at 7:30 pm. Click here for tickets.

You can check out the bands of Synth Society at the following social media links:

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