WATCH: Anchor leaves newscast after experiencing ‘beginnings of a stroke’ on live TV


TULSA, Oklahoma — A news anchor was forced to leave the set during a live broadcast after stumbling over her words and experiencing what doctors said were stroke-like symptoms.

Julie Chin of KJRH was reporting about NASA’s now-canceled Artemis I launch Saturday morning when she says she lost partial vision in one eye and her hand and arm went numb.

“I knew I was in big trouble when my mouth would not speak the words that were right in front of me on the teleprompter,” she later wrote on Facebook. “If you were watching Saturday morning, you know how desperately I tried to steer the show forward, but the words just wouldn’t come.”

Chin was unable to finish the story and tossed to meteorologist Annie Brown, who finished the newscast. Chin’s coworkers called 911 and she was taken to the hospital.

She updated viewers on the situation Sunday night with a Facebook post.

“At this point, doctors think I had the beginnings of a stroke, but not a full stroke. There are still lots of questions, and lots to follow up on, but the bottom line is I should be just fine,” she wrote. “*Most importantly* I’ve learned that it’s not always obvious when someone has a stroke, and action is critical.”

Chin reminded reads to recognize the signs of a stroke by using the acronym BE FAST:

B.alance (Sudden loss of balance)
E.yes (Sudden vision changes)
F.ace (Facial droop)
A.rms (One arm drifts downward)
S.peech (Slurred/confused speech)
T.ime & Terrible headache

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