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Women invited for a day of snow activities at Grand Targhee

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ATLA, Wyoming — SheJumps, a national nonprofit organization, is celebrating International Women’s Day with a pair of events in the Teton Valley.

SheJumps will host “Get the Girls Out,” a day of skiing, snowboarding and other activities on Saturday at Grand Targhee Ski Resort. The aim of “Get the Girls Out” is to help women participate in outdoor sports while learning new skills and testing their personal capabilities in the process.

“(‘Get the Girls Out’) is a national campaign that we do,” SheJumps spokeswoman Sarah Foster told EastIdahoNews.com. “In simplest terms, it’s a really fun day for women and girls to come together and ski together, and snowboard with other folks. We’ll have group skiing and riding, based on ability. We’ll also have a number of other activities folks can do on their own or with friends.”

Foster said the event is aimed at not only being a fun day outside, but uniting women while helping foster new friendships and a sense of community. It’s also an opportunity for women to learn new skills and make discoveries about themselves that will improve their lives.

“We think that there’s so much growth that can happen in the outdoors,” said Foster. “You can learn more about yourself, push yourself and realize you’re capable of things you didn’t think you are. As an organization, we believe that can really help build self-confidence that you can carry into all other aspects of your life.”

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Photo by Ryan French via Sarah Foster

Then, on March 8, SheJumps will host an International Women’s Day film event at Pierre’s Theater in Victor. The ski films “Nexus” and “The Approach 2” will be screened. Both of these films spotlight the efforts of women from a wide range of backgrounds, including athletes and crew members from the region of the Tetons.

“These (films) are both female-focused films that really highlight the voices and talents of women in the outdoors, pushing themselves and doing awesome things,” Foster said. “(The films) really highlight their journeys. That event is also on International Women’s Day, so that’s a great way to celebrate, and have a fun time watching excel on the big screen.”

Both of these events were put together by SheJumps, a nonprofit organization that serves women and girls from age 6 up. SheJumps fosters growth and community among women by providing experiences in the outdoors through which the participants can learn and develop new skills, friendships and confidence.

“Especially here, in the Tetons, getting outdoors is a big reason why people are here,” said Foster. “But it can sometimes be hard to meet new folks or find people to go with, for safety reasons and also because it’s a lot more fun. So we’re trying to create environments where people can come and meet people who have similar experiences and interests.

“We (at SheJumps) really think that being outside, away from work or any other professional setting, is where people can really be themselves and connect with people. I think when we’re all outside, a lot of the social barriers are broken down and it’s an easier time to connect with people.”

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Photo by Ryan French via Sarah Foster

SheJumps’ “Get the Girls Out” event is set for Saturday at Grand Targhee Resort. Tickets are available here. The International Women’s Day film screenings will follow on Wednesday, March 8, at Pierre’s Theater in Victor. Click here for tickets.

Reservations for both events are encouraged but not required, though it’s a good idea to get tickets for the movie screenings ahead of time in case the shows sell out.

For more information on SheJumps, click here to visit the organization’s website.

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