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Video of furious woman at local fast food restaurant screaming at employees, customers goes viral

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An upset customer at a Dairy Queen in Idaho Falls yells at customers and employees. | Courtesy Carolina Roslyn via ARK Media

BERATED OVER A BLIZZARD — Sometimes people simply can’t be pleased, and unfortunately, fast-food workers know this all too well.

A video filmed by a customer at Dairy Queen in Idaho Falls went viral this week and several viewers sent it to We did some checking and learned the footage is actually a year old and nobody in the video still works at the restaurant, according to an employee at the popular fast-food joint.

Still – the video has people talking. In it, a woman is seen standing in the lobby yelling at employees and customers.

It’s not clear what caused the meltdown, but the upset customer shouts at a young man working behind the counter. She says she went into the restaurant but was told it was closing however, the drive-through was open. She went to the drive-through line but an employee came outside and said it was also closed.

The woman, who said she’d been sitting in the drive-through line for 10 minutes, demanded the employee at the cash register give her a phone number and his name.

The employee tries to handle the situation as best he can and apologizes for the miscommunication but the woman quickly snaps back, “No, you’re not!”

Customers watch as the woman rips into the employee and tries to stand up for him.

“You need to chill out. Everyone here thinks you need to chill out,” a customer is heard saying in the video. “Go to another restaurant.”

The woman responds, “I don’t want to!”

Another Dairy Queen employee comes out to the commotion in the lobby and the woman says, “Tell her (as she’s pointing her finger at a customer) to shut up and leave me alone.”

The employee tells the irate woman to “calm down” and she responds, “Then give me the stuff I want.”

A customer mentions in the video that eight people were standing in the restaurant and the woman said, “I don’t care how many people there are in here. How about that Ms. Karen?”

The whole fiasco eventually comes to an end after the employee at the cash register gives the woman what looks like a paper — probably the phone number she wanted so badly — and she says, “Have a great night!”

The video has been picked up by numerous websites and social media pages, including one Facebook page, where it has over 300,000 views.

Now seems like the perfect time to remind people to be patient at restaurants. Sure, being hangry might be a real thing but don’t forget – employees are real people too.