Silas Wright, Author at East Idaho News

Silas Wright

Ever since Silas was born, he couldn't stop talking to people. He has always loved sharing stories to anyone who will listen.

Silas was born in Idaho Falls in 1997, and grew up here his whole life in the same subdivision. He attended Edgemont Elementary School, Taylorview Junior High School, and then Compass Academy High School. While in junior high, Silas found out how much he loved attention while being a part of his drama class. He would spend the next several years taking drama and singing classes to be a part of musical theater in the area. As he went into high school, he shifted his passion slightly to public speaking, as he discovered how much he enjoyed researching topics and presenting them to others. While in high school, Silas moderated a debate for the Idaho Falls mayoral election, spoke at his graduation, and was selected as part of a nationwide search to speak to a conference of about 2,000 teachers in New Orleans about the impact teachers could make on students.

After serving a religious proselyting mission in Virginia and North Carolina, Silas attended school at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Here, Silas won the J. Lavar and Helen Bateman Memorial Award at the Donald C. Sloan Speech Showcase for public speaking. After a lot of guidance from his mentors, Silas chose to transfer to Brigham Young University-Idaho to pursue communication writing and education. He instantly fell in love with his writing classes and felt like he finally found where he was supposed to be. He is a communication major expecting to graduate in 2022.

Silas currently lives in Rexburg, enjoys watching movies and writing, and looks now to focus attention on others who deserve to have their stories told.
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