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How to best prepare for fireworks in Idaho Falls

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IDAHO FALLS — Celebrating Independence Day just wouldn’t feel complete without fireworks, especially in Idaho Falls, as many noticed last year.

This year, the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration is said to be the biggest show they have ever done, but with all the excitement, the Idaho Falls Police Department has outlined information to help the whole community enjoy the show in an organized and safe manner.

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The first thing to think about with large events is parking. It is recommended that those attending review the Parking & Exiting Map to find recommended parking areas that are determined by your destination after the event. You can find more specific parking route maps and clickable icons to find the specific route you should take.


Routes from past years have been evaluated and improvements have been made to accommodate 2021’s crowd.

Freedom Celebration Parking Map
Full map for Melaleuca Freedom Celebration event. Parking sections are highlighted in yellow. Visit for specific information on where you should park depending on where you live.

The public is also asked to expect slower traffic and to remain patient. Slow down, focus on driving, avoid distractions, watch for pedestrians and bicyclists, obey all traffic laws, special holiday parking and traffic restrictions. Drivers should not attempt to go around cones or barricaded areas and should obey directions from law enforcement and designated traffic officials.

The following road closures will go into effect:

  • Milligan Road South of 901 Pier View Drive is currently closed and will remain closed until July 4th at 12:00 p.m.

Full Road Closures:

  • Snake River Pkwy between Pier View Drive and South Snake River Pkwy
  • Snake River Pkwy between Pioneer Road and Utah Avenue
  • Lochsa River Drive
  • Event Center Drive

Southbound Closures:

  • Milligan Road
  • Sunnyside from Snake River Parkway to Pioneer Road

Full Closures:

  • Interstate 15 at Sunnyside Road (Exit 116) off-ramp closures for northbound and southbound exits (on-ramp closures will be open).
  • Pioneer Road from Pioneer Drive to Event Center Drive

Northbound closures:

  • Pancheri Drive and Utah Avenue
  • The North segment exiting the Utah Avenue roundabout
  • Pioneer Drive and Pioneer Lane
  • South Yellowstone Highway (26) at 19th Street
  • Sunnyside and Yellowstone
  • 19th and Rollandet Avenue
  • 21st and Rollandet Avenue

Eastbound closures:

  • Pancheri Drive east of Skyline Drive
  • West Sunnyside Road near the I-15 interchange

Southbound closures:

  • Utah Ave and Pioneer Road
  • West Broadway Street and Yellowstone Avenue (Highway 26)
  • Pancheri Drive and South Yellowstone Highway (Highway 26)
  •  Leslie Avenue and 21st St
  • Leslie Avenue and 25th St
  • Rollandet Avenue and 17th Street
  • Rollandet Avenue and 21st Street
  • Sunnyside Avenue and Pioneer Road
  • Sunnyside Avenue and South Fork Blvd

Westbound closures:

  • Pancheri Drive and Capital Avenue
  • West Sunnyside Road and South Yellowstone Hwy (Highway 91 westbound)
  • West Sunnyside Road at Rollandet
  • West Broadway Street and Memorial Drive
  • West Sunnyside and McNeil Drive
  • West Sunnyside on the Eastside of Basic American Foods (1050 W Sunnyside Road)

Plan to get to your designated watch area early and do not expect to access Snake River Landing at the last minute.

Pedestrians and bicyclists can use the sidewalk on the north side of Sunnyside Road when they leave Snake River Landing. They are asked not to cross Sunnyside in any location other than the designated crossing areas.

South Tourist Park and Ryder Park will serve as command posts for emergency personnel from the police department, the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office, and the fire department. This will close the parks for public vehicles, boats and campers/RV’s starting at noon. South Tourist park and the adjacent River Walk/Greenbelt will remain open for foot/bicycle traffic. The parks will reopen to vehicles, boats and camping at noon on July 4.

Other recommendations the police department would like the public to keep in mind include:

  • Lock doors and windows when away from home, and secure vehicles.
  • Parents should talk to children about safety before leaving home, and keep a close eye on them at events.
  • Report any criminal activity. Officers will be patrolling through the events, or the public can call 911 for emergencies and (208)529-1200 for non-emergencies.
  • Leave the fireworks to the professionals this year. Aerial fireworks are illegal in Idaho, outside of permitted professional shows, and can be quite dangerous, especially due to the hot and dry conditions that make the area high for a fire risk.
  • Be courteous to neighbors and practice caution when handling any legal fireworks. Always make sure fireworks are completely extinguished by soaking them in a bucket of water overnight.