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Book review: ‘Bilwok: Dawn of the Trolls’ is an entertaining sci-fi fantasy novel

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"BILWOK: Dawn of the Trolls," by George Anthon Kibbie, Sweetwater Books, $17.99, 183 pages (f) (ages 12 and up)

George Anthon Kibbie’s "Bilwok: Dawn of the Trolls" introduces a future where trolls are the dominant species and most technology has been lost.

After a great war took place, the trolls carved out a village from the side of a mountain and now keep themselves separated from man at all costs. Troll children are taught from a very early age that humans are evil, stupid, ugly and not to be trifled with.

It is in this setting that Bilwok finds himself. Much is expected of him due to his family connections. He is the son of Gront, who is a large person even for a troll as well as the chief enforcer of Tonkennen village; and the grandson of the senior elder of the trolls, Stenn.

George Anthon Kibbie is an author of "Bilwok: Dawn of the Trolls." (Provided by Cedar Fort)
George Anthon Kibbie is an author of “Bilwok: Dawn of the Trolls.” (Provided by Cedar Fort)
But Bilwok doesn’t want that responsibility, or any responsibility for that matter. He spends his days getting into mischief with his best friend, Wardoll. That changes a bit when Bilwok finds a historical record that makes him wonder if men can really be as bad as the elders and his teachers say. He becomes determined to find out.

Kibbie does a wonderful job of making the story easy to follow and entertaining. The descriptions of the village and the characters make it seem as though the reader is right there experiencing the events of the story along with the trolls.

The writing is simple enough that a young child can follow along, and the story is intriguing enough to entertain an adult. There are twists and surprises in the story that will keep all entertained and wishing for more by the end of the book.

"Bilwok: Dawn of the Trolls" includes no swearing or sexual material. There are mild descriptions of violence, including men being disintegrated and torn apart, but they are not detailed.

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