A Secret Santa wants us to give away $100,000 by Christmas


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We here at EastIdahoNews.com got some unbelievably wonderful news today.

A local Secret Santa and his wife have asked us to give away $100,000 to eastern Idaho families by Christmas.

The anonymous couple wants the money to go to homes that are truly in need this holiday season.

We are blown away by the offer but we’re ready to give away money!

We want to help these families have a Christmas they will never forget – thanks to the generosity of Secret Santa.

If you know of someone who could use some holiday cheer, click here and send us an email. Be sure to include their story and why they are deserving of a generous donation.

Over the next few days, visit EastIdahoNews.com often as we will be posting videos of unsuspecting families receiving a Christmas gift to remember.


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  • Rachael Siler Byington says:

    I would love to see some of this special money go to my cousin’s children. Her name is Laura Capell and she just passed away a couple weeks ago during an emergency c-section. She has left behind a newborn baby and two other children. I worry everyday about those kids- if anyone could use a piece of it, I know they can!

  • Juston Bee says:

    I’d love to get some of this so I can replace tires and brakes on my car. It is my only mode of transportation and in these roads I need to do it but no money to do so.

  • Jana Windmiller says:

    I would love to nominate my sweet daughter Ashley Scott. She had had many medical issues including juvenile diabetes since she was 3 1/2 years old. She has had blood clots in her lungs. Goes in for allergy shots every week and was just diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. She never complains and is such a trooper. She is the most wonderful mom to 2 beautiful daughters you could ever imagine. One is her miracle baby that had tumor in her lung and attached to her heart discovered when she was seeing high risk doctors in her 4th month of pregnancy. After a long and stressful delivery they were able to remove 3/4 of her lung and her heart positioned back to where it should belong. She is now a happy, healthy 6 yr. old. Due to the many medical costs she has associated with diabetes and all, they sold their home and lived with us for awhile to pay off a portion of their bills. They now rent a small single wide trailer to try and save money for a house in the future. They have huge power bills and have no extra so they could really use a Christmas miracle. God bless you Secret Santa and those you help. Merry Christmas to you! My email is windmiller2@hotmail.com phone # fiveeightninefoursevenfiveeight. Thank you.

  • Kris Callister says:

    I would love to see help given to Jordan Johnson and his family. They have 3 adorable boys. The oldest is autistic and needs a lot of extra help. They have bills that are hard to pay on a policeman’s salary. Jordan was recently featured in a news clip giving food to a homeless man in pocatello. That is the kind of people they are. Thank you to this Santa and his wife for trying to help people.

  • Stephanie Murphy says:

    I tried to go to website but it said its blocked or moved!! But a single mother who takes care of her mom that is sick is truely in need. She has a 13 year old daughter and a 16 year old son and they just live in a small 2 bedroom apt. Her name is Shanna Rose and her mother name is Helen McCord .she only got 1 item under the Christmas tree and they hardly have any food. Can you please try to bless this family in any type of way!!! Their address is 294 west 17th street.

  • Stephanie Murphy says:

    I forgot to say that Shanna Rose lives in Idaho falls and she works fulltime and take care of her mother so they deny her to receive food stamps and medical insurance they only give her kids a medical card. So I pray that this secret Santa hears my prayer to help this family this holiday season.

  • Stephanie Murphy says:

    Why can’t I see my post for the person I nominated?

  • Michael Emry says:

    We are TVOI News (the voice of Idaho) & The Voice of North Idaho… We are needing funds to help in this painful growth that is at our door step and have done this with out funding and are getting 130.300 plus views in one month… Solutions and communication is our mission and would like to help East Idaho News with our efforts together.. My Wife and I have dedicated our every waking moment to the truth and have been in business for almost two years now and gaining in # so fast we cant keep up..
    We even have a sister news sit that is -The Voice of North Idaho-.One thing we are not is a political party tool and hold our loyalty to the People and not the system of corruption…With even 10% of that we would be self sufficient with the last of development done for local products to sale and business to help Idaho based folks and not the corporate good old boys who rule the show now.. We are now a true Voice in this state and are recolonized as documented Press The Voice of Idaho LLc
    To who ever offers this Money we would like them to know that We serve Idaho and ask of them to help support our all volunteer core of writers and reporters . We sure have earned a break in this poverty we have been reduced to holding the line of truth in journalism.
    Respectfully : Michael Emry Founder of the Voice Of Idaho and The Voice Of North Idaho

  • Nate Sunderland says:


    No unfortunately, due to the large volume of email nominations received, we will not be responding to emails unless the person was picked to receive a gift. We have reviewed them though, and dearly wish we could get to everyone! Thanks so much for your suggestion!

If you choose local pickup, please get your gift certificate at our office at 400 W. Sunnyside in Idaho Falls Dismiss