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Man steals Trooper’s car, K9; escape caught on dashcam

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CANADIAN COUNTY, Oklahoma — A man was caught on camera stealing an Oklahoma Highway Patrol K9 unit during a traffic stop.

It happened in Canadian County on I-40 around 8:30 p.m. on January 10th.

For the first time, Tuesday NewsChannel 4 got a look at the video.

The night started out with a traffic stop.

Benjamin Henson, 23, was pulled over for following too closely and unsafe lane changing.

He gets in the OHP unit, and then the trooper asks him a few questions.

You can hear the conversation on video.

“Where are you coming from today?” the trooper asked.

“I’m actually coming from Oklahoma,” Henson responded. “Well, my family lives in Oklahoma.”

“What part?” the trooper asked.

“Oh, let’s see,” Henson said. “Back friggin I don’t know what the hell the exit’s called.”

“What town is it?” the trooper asked.

“Ah, shoot, man! You got me all messed up,” Henson laughed. “It’s in my GPS. You don’t have to remember that stuff nowadays.”

The two continue to chat, while the trooper writes a warning.

“Pretty boring out here,” Henson said.

“Yeah, there’s not a whole lot to do in Oklahoma,” the trooper said.

Just before Henson walks away with his warning, the trooper decides to ask him a few more questions.

“Do you have anything illegal in your car?” the trooper asked.

“No, sir,” Henson said.

“Can I search your car?” the trooper asked.

“Is there probable cause?” Henson asked.

“No, I have reasonable suspicion right now,” the trooper said.

While troopers search the car, Henson waits nervously.

Seconds later, troopers discover several large bags of marijuana hidden in the trunk.

Henson is then handcuffed.

“That’s a large amount of marijuana in your vehicle,” a trooper said.

“That’s not mine,” Henson replied.

The troopers continue to search the car, and that is when Henson makes his move.

He brings the handcuffs from his back to his front, hops over into the driver’s seat and takes off.

He swerves in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed with Cash, the K9, in tow for the bumpy ride.

Several minutes later, Henson crashes into a fence.

He then jumps out of the patrol car and takes off.

After about an hour, OHP found Henson and arrested him.

He remains in the Canadian County Jail on a $45,000 bond.

Troopers said they found out his license was revoked.

Thankfully, no one was hurt during the chase.

OHP said the video has become a learning tool, and they are working to make changes within the department.

“It really opens your eyes that nobody’s immune to having something like that happen,” Lt. John Vincent said.