Drug traffickers get high and call the cops to turn themselves in. Here’s the 911 call


74  Updated at 11:17 am, January 20th, 2016 By: Nate Eaton, EastIdahoNews.com
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Listen to parts of the 911 call in the video above.

REXBURG — Authorities have released a 911 phone call from a drug trafficking arrest that has people shaking their heads.

The call, released by the Rexburg Police Department and obtained by EastIdahoNews.com, details an incident nearly a year ago on Jan. 23, 2015, when two out-of-state drug traffickers got high and called police to turn themselves in.


Leland Ayala-Doliente, 22, and Holland Sward, 23, were traveling from Las Vegas to Bozeman, Montana, with some 20 pounds of marijuana. Court documents show the men were using marijuana during their trip and when they entered Idaho, they felt they were being followed by undercover police officers.

Rexburg Police Cpt. Randy Lewis told EastIdahoNews.com that at the time they weren’t being followed by anyone.

Once they reached Rexburg, the pair exited U.S. Highway 20, parked their car and called 911. They said they just wanted the police to stop following them.


Leland Ayala-Doliente, Holland Sward

When police officers arrived, they say both men had their hands behind their heads. Court documents show Sward said to an officer, “We got caught and we’re surrendering.”


Investigators found 20 pounds of marijuana inside a dog cage that the suspects had placed on the sidewalk. There was also $567 in cash inside the car. Ayala-Dolitente and Sward were each charged with one felony count of trafficking marijuana.

In June, Sward pleaded guilty to possession with intent to deliver, amended down from an original charge.

Sward was given a five-year sentence to prison. District Judge Greg Moeller suspended the judgment and placed Sward on probation for five years and ordered him to serve 30 days in jail.

Ayala-Doliente was sentenced to one and a half to eight years in prison, November. Moeller increased the sentence after Ayala-Doliente tested positive for marijuana, cocaine and oxycodone on his sentencing day.

Photos courtesy Rexburg Police Department

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  • North

    30 days? Is anyone else wondering what is wrong with this picture?

    • Andrew Flick

      Yeah it’s just weed they shouldn’t have any jail time.

    • anonymoose

      Yeah, why did they give him so much time?

  • mark_inFL

    Wow, best argument I have ever read against using. Talk about dazed and confused.

  • mark_inFL

    Wow, best argument I have ever read against using. Talk about dazed and confused.

    • Pablo Murraldo

      Yeah against using crack… The weed isnt to blame for these two idiots lmao

      • steiney

        Seriously. Those two dudes MUST have been tripping on a good strength hallucinogen! It’s pretty clear if you listen to the recording. They’re imaging all sorts of stuff that isn’t really going on. Pot would never do that.

        • Mosesdoc

          Your kidding, right? I work as a physician at the state mental hospital and paranoia is a textbook side-effect of marijuana. What a couple of morons. I have seen it ruin a lot of brain cells in my experience with patients.

          • Brian Reese

            this person is not smart. no one has ever been THAT paranoid from pot. obviously not a smoker. you need to go rethink life. to heck with your opinions cite an article. http://www.drugpolicy.org/blog/does-marijuana-kill-brain-cells

          • Mosesdoc

            Absolutely right. I stand corrected. The pot doesn’t kill brain cells and doesn’t decrease IQ directly. Pot can make you that paranoid. It is not in many, but it definitely can.

          • camedwardo

            I very much appreciate the fact that you are willing to learn from us regarding Cannabis. Many of us are extremely frustrated with the misinformation that continues to stigmatize medicinal and recreational use of this plant.

          • Samuel Boyle

            Doc, I am really impressed by your tact.

          • camedwardo

            “I have seen it ruin a lot of brain cells in my experience with patients.” You should be ashamed to call yourself a physician. Loosing brain cells as a result of Cannabis consumption has long been debunked, the study “suggesting so” was one in which monkeys where deprived of oxygen — and, surprise…they lost brain cells. smh.. Yes, paranoia is a side of effect of Cannabis for some users, but not all, and in most cases extremely high doses. I would be extremely concerned if I was be treated by you, given that you have chosen to repeat something about a plant that you obviously know close to nothing about. I would also note, that by statistic, there are more visits to E.R’s by users of synthetic cannabinoids than of users of Cannabis, the great ignorant state of Idaho. Mosesdoc, I would encourage you to further educate yourself, not just rely on your narrow and limited experience from whatever pathetic school you may of graduated from. You have instilled in me, no further confidence in Idahoans that work in the medical industry. Please wake up, you lose brain cells from misuse of benzodiazepines and alcohol — not Cannabis. **sigh


          • Mosesdoc

            I agree with you that they don’t actually lose brain cells (unless smoked of course). I meant that as a metaphor to becoming stupid from smoking pot. I agree that not all users become paranoid. I was merely suggesting that when Steiny stated that “pot would never do that,” that it sometimes does.

          • camedwardo

            Yes, Cannabis will make you paranoid under certain circumstances — we can agree. You still said: “I have seen it ruin a lot of brain cells in my experience with patients” I only think this statement transformed from an anecdote into a metaphor after you where met with opposition. I also don’t think you are taking into account that Cocaine and Oxy where found in one of the men’s bloodstream. We must consider the entourage effect of CIP(Cocaine induced Paranoia) + an Opiod + Cannabis. This article comes to the conclusion that Cannabis was the only substance involved in their paranoia, which is misleading and annoying.

          • Vin

            Oxy and cocaine was tested positive during the court date, not when the bust occurred.

          • Beli Sneg

            Not if your magnesium status is low then thc can be neurotoxic. Make sure your magnesium is up before you toke and the high is even stronger.

          • Jenny

            This is true!

          • Pablo Murraldo

            A doctor knows the difference between your and you’re… What is your real job?

          • You work as a physician at the state mental hospital, but I don’t need a piece of paper to show my intellectual prowess. I’d be willing to bet I know as much if not more about the medical field than yourself, and I would guarantee that I know more about cannabis, it’s effects, it’s uses, and it’s history than yourself. Do you know what a cannabinoid is? Do you know anything about the endocannabinoid system found in all mammals? Do you understand the differences between industrial grade (hemp) and recreational or medical grade (marijuana)?

          • steiney

            Nope, not kidding! Anyone transporting that much pot are obviously users themselves so the paranoia thing is out. That’s an issue for first-time and brand new users. Those dudes were very obviously tripping. It’s painfully obvious from the recording of the call.

  • code3

    Wonder what happened to the poor dog……

  • Tickedoffintx

    It’s against the law!!!!!!! And they were trafficking! What is wrong with you? Of course they deserve punishment!!!

    • FUtickedoffintx

      Go jump off a cliff.

  • IdahoRick

    All you idiots thinking they shouldn’t get jail time. Weed should be illegal, but driving through our state while so high you don’t have a clue whats going on is a problem. Lucky the idiots stopped and called before getting someone killed.

  • David Fetter

    These two aren’t to bright…lol

  • Rhetta Jack

    No Helen, that would be the crook eaten by an alligator in Florida, oh yeah that was last year my bad.

  • Oldnewbie

    As a former drug dealer pal of mine once said “The worst mistake a dealer can make is to use his product.”

  • camedwardo

    Drunk driving is MANY magnitudes greater than driving under the influence of Cannabis. They cannot even be compared. Drunk driving KILLS, driving under the influence of Cannabis in most cases has drivers obeying traffic laws more closely than even a sober driver. You would know this if you have ever partaken while driving. Gov. Butch Otter continues his anti-Cannabis rhetoric, blaming it for road fatalities when in close to 0 cases can it be directly attributed. Someone that is drunk and smoked Cannabis 7 days ago would be blamed for being under the influence of Cannabis, although anyone with a brain understands the high enduing properties of cannabinoids wear off within hours. Idaho should be worried about Alcohol and Prescription drugs. Do we worry that some junkie pill head has taken too much of their “medicine?” Unfortunately, not as much as we should be. Benzodiazepines? Opiods? Anyone? Just because you can go through the Walgreen’s’ drive through with your giant SUV and pick up a prescription from a doctor does not magically make it safe. These folks got what they deserved, jail time for breaking an Idaho statute, however outdated and senseless it might be. 20Lbs of Cannabis vs. 2 crates of booze? I would rather have the former. Alcohol kills and destroys lives, plain, simple If we considered Alcohol a drug, as it is, we would see articles like this pouring in 2-3 times a day. Trafficking Alcohol…much more dangerous. But keep watching all that garbage news you Idahoans seem to love lapping up. Alex Jones? Fox?..smh

    • sjames

      What’s your obsession with Alex Jones? Seriously. Me thinks thou dost protest too much

  • pugsterguy

    Doooods and dooooodettes…..why the hate on folks that aren’t 4/20 friendly? Sober v stoned: stoned = diminished capacity to function…(no, don’t pick apart function) User v non user (control group here!) …Greater susceptibility for addiction to harder drugs – says Ozzie Osbourne…(ya think he might know?) The gems here are that Idaho is the laughing stock of the union…uh…no…I musta missed that press release. There isn’t a credible medical practitioner who isn’t aware of the risks/dangers and probable issues with development due to persistent mj use. No, I am not going to cite anything. I used during a period of time.

    • camedwardo

      pugsterguy – I had a really hard time reading your comment above given the terrible punctuation, would you possibly be under the influence of a drug other than Cannabis? You need to understand that Idaho is an extremely isolated place, what some would consider an “echo chamber”. Conservative beliefs founded in falsehood and fear (the Alex Jones and Fox News type) are simply repeated over and over again with very little opposition or scrutiny. You will almost never hear any criticism of the Gem State given you live inside of it and the less than objective news outlets would be reluctant to report on it, if at all. Please entertain us by elaborating on what you mean by “There isn’t a credible medical practitioner who isn’t aware of the
      risks/dangers and probable issues with development due to persistent mj
      use” if you are referring to the consistent choice to endorse selective science, we may actually have something to discuss. Please respond in complete sentences, and reasonably acceptable punctuation. I would be thrilled if you could properly express yourself in our great language and even cite a source. smh

      • pugsterguy

        Sorry you had a tough time reading my post. The post is very legible and acceptable given today’s standards. I am typing really slow for you. No, I am not under the influence of another drug, but boy howdy that was a clever comment, Groucho! I don’t live in Idaho. I live about 15 minutes away. Uh..it isn’t isolated…its close to Canada and WA state just to mention a couple of borders…are you still with me here? I am not here to entertain anyone. Again: ok..now read it slowly…”There isn’t a credible medical practitioner who isn’t aware of the risks/dangers and probable issues with development due to persistent mj use” I don’t have to cite crap for anyone, if you want to be thrilled..goto Chuck E Cheese’s. Look to motor vehicle accident stats. Talk to any EMS person. btw…oh sorry B y t h e w a y, language is an evolving entity. Please feel free to report me to the grammar/language Nazi enforcement council. Btw (I am hopeful that you know that acronym by now), it is a generally well known (again, no I can’t cite anything) that when arguing from weaker point, you attack the person debating and their style.

        • camedwardo

          Just because Idaho borders other states and a province does not mean it is not isolated, think what I may mean about that… ” Look to motor vehicle accident stats.” I would love to see the amount of incidents with Cannabis as the sole contributor, most involve Alcohol or other drugs. “Talk to any EMS person” I don’t understand how this would have any bearing on the safety of Cannabis, may you be referring to synthetic cannabinoids? Most folks in the ER are just paranoid, plain and simple. They calm down, fall asleep and wake up from the best rest they have probably ever had. I can attack “the person” as much as I like, your comment began with fallacies. It is obvious I have also employed fallacies, simple. I just hope you are willing to open your mind to the existing and emerging facts surrounding Cannabis. This may require that you seek out sources. I can understand if you wouldn’t have time to do so given the inundation of information we all experience on a daily basis. Knowledge is power and freedom.

      • TrishaLee

        WHY do you say Idaho is isolated? Makes no sense.

        • camedwardo

          Idaho is sheltered from reality. Think of some reasons why that may be true.

        • BGOE

          How do you figure? There’s only about four or five other states in this entire country with populations smaller than Idaho. The closest big cites are salt lake, Denver, and las Vegas. We’re in the middle of no where. Idaho has some of the most remote areas in the lower 48. Chances are you live in eastern Idaho. ISOLATION.

  • Neverold

    What do you want to bet that there was no dog. The drugs were in a dog crate on the sidewalk. Of course, it would be cold.

  • Mosesdoc

    I find it interesting you can make such a harsh judgement call on one comment. Can I ask what your scientific background is in?

  • Dru Pearce

    This is really fucked up. They got time for this?

    • Nate Eaton


      • camedwardo


  • pugsterguy

    you really seem to have a hate on for Idaho…what gives? I mean…smoke up! Relax, chill thyself before you wreck yourself. Why so adamantly hateful towards those that disagree? Also I notice you deflect and distract a lot on this topic. 1) you really don’t think a lot about Idaho 2) you bring up alcohol issues which by the way; weren’t mentioned in the news report 3) Cannabis isn’t really benign. The louder and more often you shout and argue that it is benign, doesn’t make it so (Jean Luc Picard…sorry about that!) 4) you replied to a post that I made attacking my use/misuse of grammar/punctuation. WHO CARES? Man, I just shake my head….( ok..you can attack that now!) Oh btw, I looked up “laughing stock of the union” on Google, and there is nothing about Idaho.

    • camedwardo

      At no time did I say there was a news article that called Idaho the “laughing stock of the union” it is clearly a term I elected to describe how many, outside of the state(especially the states that it borders) feel about Idaho. As you understand, there does not have to be a news article to vindicate opinion or sentiment. Onto my “hate” for Idaho. I don’t necessarily hate Idaho so much as I despise some of the ignorance and herd mentality, this does happen in a lot of places. The ignorance becomes more apparent when you have experienced life outside of the state and country.

      I agree that if I have made the choice to live here, that I should some how learn to reconcile differences. I am currently struggling with this, as we are all Americans and should be pursuing liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Idaho is a great example of freedom in many ways. For example, I have and continued to applaud the protection of the 2nd Amendment. I feel SO SAFE being here surrounded by responsible gun owners, believe me. I feel the Constitution to be one of the most important documents our country has. But there are inconsistencies here that contradict some of its principles. Idaho is well known for illegal search of property, specifically motor vehicles traveling along corridors. Marijuana is consistently used as a catalyst to allow search and seizure, which is deplorable.

      I also appreciate you calling me out on my remarks concerning Alcohol. While it is legal in the state of Idaho and all 50 states, it is a devastating drug that tears apart family, escalates physical and verbal abuse, and kills many Americans every year. I feel it unjust that many substances, including Cannabis, are punished by prison sentences and fines while Alcohol is freely and widely available. It is also a great example of how prohibition has already failed us. Before its re-legalization it was the “cash cow” of criminal enterprise, it was consumed in the shadows, and due to its illegality it was manufactured poorly and lead to even more deaths.

      In short, I have many frustrations with Idaho and I am working to understand some of the reasons behind opinions and laws here. I find it easy for me to vent some of my more forceful frustrations online, as is apparent.

      I again encourage you to read up on the current hot button issue of Cannabis, I think you will be surprised at some of the newer science and how we can use the plant(just not to get high). Also the implications of legalization and what it means for teen use(which I am vehemently against) as well as drug cartels, safety, and even tax revenue. Its pretty amazing.

      • BGOE

        Hey you’re doin just fine buddy. I wish more people had your knowledge on these subjects. You don’t have to smoke marijuana to be pro marijuana. People just need to update their outdated and a lot of times childish misinformation on the subject. It’s not for everyone but that’s no reason to demonize it. Alcohol and tobacco are the true gateway drugs. Keep up the good work!

        • camedwardo

          Thanks man. Appreciate it.

  • camedwardo

    I agree that driving under the influence of Cannabis should be considered a punishable offense. What we really lack at this point is proper roadside testing. We have approached it as we have Alcohol, which is to measure blood content and ratio. While of course we will need to measure blood content of cannabinoids in a offenders system, we currently measure values that don’t necessarily indicate present intoxication. Some folks have been pulled over, tested, and have turned up positive for consuming days and even weeks prior. We need to find a way to measure current intoxication and rule out longer lasting cannabinoids and metabolites that don’t have potential to impair. I would also like to note that the current test methods have also contributed to some of the inaccurate statistics regarding DUIs and attribution to Cannabis. Someone that has used Cannabis a few day ago will test positive, while another substance such as Alcohol or a prescription drug has acted as the true impediment. I would love to hear more on this if anyone has more information.

  • camedwardo

    @Nate Eaton @EastIdahoNews Is there a reason my comments are not being approved? I just received a response from someone to my comment that was approved 3 minutes ago, while mine have been pending over 30 mins. I know the approval process may be a burden, but its only fair to let everyone speak equally.

    Feel free to delete this after this is resolved — Much Appreciated.

    • Nate Sunderland


      Our apologies — we aren’t a very large staff, and sometimes approving comments takes a back burner in day-to-day operations. That being said, I think we’ve caught up now. Thanks for the comments.

      • camedwardo

        Thanks for the quick reply Nate, very responsive. 🙂

  • AndreainAtlanta


  • s_c_f

    In Colorado, this would be known as a store delivery.

  • Christopher O’Neal

    I think they were smoking the “Dog” – Meaning the pot was in the dog cage so makes me wonder if there was really even a dog. Mmmmmm????

  • Dan Mc

    This is my Favorite Article so far for 2016..brought back memories of being a teenager (experimenting ) in the 1970’s

    Just too funny and insightful .. reefer – paranoia -laughing- munchies ..yeah No GUNS though ..just out having fun no intent to hurt anyone

    These 2 idiots should have stayed on the Party side instead of getting a wise Idea that they were going into distribution

  • LN

    I haven’t used dope in 40 years because of such paranoia lol

    • camedwardo

      Dope? Heroin is a terrible drug…

  • Jimbo

    That makes me laugh, you sir are oblivious to reality itself.

  • BGOE

    You obviously skimmed through that article, copy and pasted that link without reading the comments. That was an extremely vague article . That’s ridiculous to tell people to not listen to pro-pot smokers. For one thing it absolutely doesn’t have to be smoked. Where does that fit into your amazing article? Keep obliviating your brain cells with your legal drug alcohol, your grey matter is visible through my computer screen.

  • camedwardo

    Are you braindead? I have lived in a community of regular Cannabis users for my entire life, many of whom work in the tech sector. They create the technology that powers these comments, they develop the operating systems used by the entire world –and– they created your phone. Does that sound like a group of people without ambition or drive or those lacking in long term memory? I myself used Cannabis everyday and worked successfully (3 promotions in 2 years) for one of the fastest growing software companies on the West Coast, I have now returned to another vigorous round of school, but I’m stupid and lethargic right??

    Lets also please note that this article was published by the owner of an addition clinic. I hope you are aware of the term ‘Conflict of Interest’. This man makes his living off of addiction. If the truth about Cannabis was accepted, he would be out of work or at the very least see a SIGNIFICANT drop in admission. I’m sure a steady flow of drunks would keep him afloat. He has selectively cited Cannabis studies that do not eliminate the use of other drugs such as Alcohol, Tobacco, Cocaine, Meth. Did you actually read the referenced studies?

    Study #1: “Marijuana participants were not excluded if they had used other illegal drugs in the past; however, they were excluded
    if they met abuse criteria for any drug other than marijuana.” Also, the study comes to no negative conclusion, only that the brain is slightly different than that of a non-user, which suggests the brain may react differently – in this study we cant show this is negative or positive . Lets also note who funded this study, surprise — a long list of anti-Marijuana groups/orgs that routinely choose to promote only positive outcomes of the grants they issue. NIH..National Institute on Drug Abuse..the Office of National Drug Control Policy.. I will leave it to you to look into these organizations.

    Study #2:
    “Participants also filled out a questionnaire about their usual drug use habits.” They did not exclude participants based on past alcohol abuse(which is known to affect the brain drastically). It is also mentioned throughout the article that they cannot rule out the effects of Alcohol in the womb and as consumed prior to the study — other drugs included. This study is MUCH MORE believable than Study #1 and is not funded by any group with known bias.

    Neither of these studies are causative, but heavily correlative. Which means, they BELIEVE it may be related to cannabis but have no way of demonstrating so. Both articles themselves state this in their conclusions — its not just me.

    Also, most folks in ‘addition programs’ for Cannabis have been given a plea deal, which is conditional upon them seeking out treatment — addicted or not. In 5 years, you will realize how ridiculous your views really are. The science is overwhelming and picking a few negative studies from many positives is what we refer to as selective science. The Reagan administration did it when they sought to prove the perils of Cannabis, instead they discovered cannabinoids where anti-cancer and quickly hid the findings. In the spirit of the selective studies in the article you linked, I will post an exhaustive list of my own selection:

    For fun, here is an article from the same site as your article noting increased “verbal fluency” and creativity with Cannabis use: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/psychology-masala/201204/cannabis-and-creativity

    On to the studies…

    Less likely to contract bladder cancer: http://www.goldjournal.net/article/S0090-4295(14)01206-0/abstract

    Cannabis does not shrink the brain: http://www.jneurosci.org/content/35/4/1505.short

    Cannabis helps to create brain cells: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24577515

    Smoked Cannabis not linked with lung damage: https://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=1104848

    Controls Seizures: http://www.news.vcu.edu/article/Marijuana_and_its_receptor_protein_in_brain_control_epilepsy

    Inhibitor of Breast Cancer: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18025276

    Slows progression of Alzheimer’s: http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/mp060066m?journalCode=mpohbp

    Eases pain of MS: http://www.cmaj.ca/content/early/2012/05/14/cmaj.110837

    Lessens side effects of Hep-C treatment and improves efficacy: http://journals.lww.com/eurojgh/pages/articleviewer.aspx?year=2006&issue=10000&article=00005&type=abstract

    Treatment of inflammatory bowl disease: http://jpet.aspetjournals.org/content/335/1/92.abstract?sid=c09c62d8-996e-4071-bbed-ff8d46fca175

    Rheumatoid Arthritis: http://jpet.aspetjournals.org/content/335/1/92.abstract?sid=c09c62d8-996e-4071-bbed-ff8d46fca175

    Boosts metabolism and promotes weight management: http://jpet.aspetjournals.org/content/335/1/92.abstract?sid=c09c62d8-996e-4071-bbed-ff8d46fca175

    Chrons disease: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/05/21/cannabis-treatment-inflammatory-bowel-disease-crohns_n_3311278.html

    Protects the brain from concussion and trauma: http://cercor.oxfordjournals.org/content/early/2013/08/19/cercor.bht202.abstract

    I could keep going…

    I recommend you watch the Cannabis debate play out. The propagandist/prohibitionist mentality will soon be seen as nothing short of ignorance. States that have legalized in some form(medical included), are doing just fine. They just don’t know what to do with all the money…

  • camedwardo

    Just read BGOE’s comment, its clear as day. I have lived inside and outside of Idaho for years. The culture is extremely homogeneous, due to isolation. Many Idahoans are blind to this isolation, until someone who thinks differently than them puts them on the spot. Its fun to see the look in their eyes 🙂

  • Can somebody from the East Idaho News agency please tell me why the word “God” was left out of the transcript?

    On the second screen of the 911 transcript which coincides with the actual voice recording the news station transcribed the call word for word except for one little tiny word. —- “GOD.”

    In responding to dispatch, you can CLEARLY hear the kid say: “Ahh, God, okay …”

    But somebody at your agency decided that the word “God” should not be included in the transcript and transcribed it as “Ahh … okay.”

    This was done in the video and in this on-line version, save for the fact that the on-line version does not have the coinciding 911 voice over.

    1 – Can you please tell us who made this decision. Was it the transcribers themselves or was it someone else such as the managing editor?
    2- Can you please tell us what led to that final determination that “God” should be omitted from the transcript?
    Thank you.
    Tom M

    • Nate Sunderland

      Hi TomM,

      I opted to remove the word, because I wasn’t sure if it was God, gosh, or another derivative of the word. It was honestly omitted for clarity. We have no problem using the word God in any of our articles. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me.

      Nate Sunderland, Managing Editor
      (208) 535-5883

      • Thanks for the reply Nate.

        Though it sounds clear to me I will take your word as sincere in that you cannot decipher it. With the concerted effort around the U.S. to remove the word God from news programs, monuments, songs, pledges, etc. my first thought jumps to the conclusion that this is just one more incident on that path.

        On another note, your photo was used with Nate Eaton’s name for the article at this link.

        • Nate Sunderland

          Yes it was! Thank you for letting me know, I have fixed it now. We were rushing to get that article out and I forgot check a box. Appreciate it.

  • camedwardo

    Everyone that I have encountered thus far in Idaho that is not a transplant, has attempted to argue with me(until blue in the face) without considering that what they have been taught or believe may be completely wrong. It is extremely frustrating when someone is not willing to apply critical thinking going into a conversation that should in all reality end with a fresh opinion or the admission that one was wrong, or at least the possibility. This theme has continued into other discussions regarding climate change denial and our wanton wasteful lives as Americans, without much variance.

    I admit that my statement is sensational and based in emotion, how could it not be? It is still hard for me to believe that Idaho in general is ready to approach real issues with fresh eyes. You have an extremely popular governor still wasting his strength attempting to repeal national marriage equality at the state level, when I could list 5 issues that directly affect the well being of Idahoans, like where you will get your water in 5-10 years, what does this mean for agriculture?, etc. Devin, I am glad to hear that you are open to debate about the Cannabis issue here in Idaho, and hopefully drugs in general, but know that you are a minority. Continue to dig deep into the facts and educate those around you, maybe not with my aggression or appeal to emotion. Its refreshing to know someone here is willing to consider something new.

  • Vapolen

    Someone was using the 1967 US Army Voice of GoD speaker on them, it makes you hear the voice of god (someone with a mic) speaking on side of your ear and well no one is there so it has to be GOD RIGHT? Those 2 clearly were stalked and the cars who they saw were clearly using it on them. Shows you how powerful if its, in 1974 it got Marshall Applewhite to create the Heavens gate cult after 2 days in a South Texas Jail too. Same thing.

  • sjames

    Alex Jones is a joke to most conservatives. He’s the equivalent of Melissa Harris-Perry on the left, except liberals think she’s smart.

    • DavoHimself

      The problem with your comment is there aren’t many conservatives.

  • DavoHimself

    OR… it truly was some tremendous and glorious POT.

  • DavoHimself

    If anything positive came from this story, it was the re-introduction/introduction of the terrific term, “Jack Wagon(s)”..! Thanks Holland Sward and the linguistic-sage himself, Leland Ayala-Doliente..!

  • MarijuanaWiki.ML

    That must have been some super fire weed then! No jk, but maybe they shouldn’t be using weed then. Not saying that they do not deserve jail time but there are a lot of people who have received outrage amounts of time for marijuana possession. One guy in particular was the man you received life in prison for $10 worth of pot. When I read that on the internet I was outrage. The University of Louisville said here: https://cannabiswiki.blogspot.com/2016/09/does-smoking-weed-really-kill-your.html that the age old myth of smoking weed killing brain cells was false. But it looks like whatever they were smoking fried there brain cells if they felt the need to turn themselves in. But since has never killed anyone, and has proven to be able to cure and prevent certain diseases, they should just make it legal. Maybe if it’s legal you don’t have to worry about violence, and drug traffickers..

  • Always to the smoking and the scare tactics. First off cannabis does not need to be smoked to recieve any of the effects. It can be used as a topical agent, an edible, a sublingual, a time release case, and so on. I would hope no one here isso oblivious to not know that smoking is obviously going to have some negative effect but that of cannabis is far less than any other single smoked product, including smoked meats. Do you know what the endocannabinoid system is or does? Do you know that the endocannabinoid system is found in all mammals? Do you know that the cannabis species is the most prominent source of cannabinoids?

  • I second everything you said here Devin. That anti-cannabis community in Idaho is oblivious and arrogant. It’s funny that Idaho has become an island in the western hemisphere of the US being the only state that hasn’t approved some sort of legal cannabis that isn’t synthetic. I’d guess that most of the community in Idaho doesn’t know what the endocannabinoid system is or does. Who am I to point fingers though….oh wait I’m Idahoan born and raised, i’ve lived here long enough to point fingers.

  • steiney

    Nah, no one “laces” weed except people purposely doing it to their own for personal consumption, like adding coke to a blunt, etc.. It’s an urban legend. I’m telling you, those dudes were tripping balls. You can just tell from the recording of the call.