East Idaho Eats: Mrs. Powell’s cinnamon rolls don’t disappoint

East Idaho Eats

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A classic cinnamon roll

AMMON — Some people say it isn’t the size of the cinnamon roll, but the taste that matters most.

But at Mrs. Powell’s Bakery and Deli — they hope customers don’t have to pick one over the other. They want their customers to have the very best rolls based on taste and size.

“Our biggest staple would probably be our original cinnamon roll. That is what Mrs. Powell was founded on,” said Brittany Foster, owner of Mrs. Powell’s Bakery.

Mrs. Powell’s Bakery and Deli has carried its legacy of tasty cinnamon rolls for nearly 35 years. It isn’t just the tastiness that customers rave about, but the also the cinnamon roll’s 6-inch diameter.

“There’s just something special about it. It’s just light and fluffy and the size — a lot of people comment what a big cinnamon roll it is. Once you’ve had one, it’s just really good,” Foster said.

Foster said the recipe for the cinnamon rolls came from the kitchen of founder Gale Powell. From the original recipe stems other types of goodies like the cinnamon twist, strawberry roll, cheesy roll or the caramel roll.


A turkey sandwich made with a cheesy roll.

“We just bake it in our caramel mixture. It has all different kinds of nuts on it,” Foster said. “We turn it upside down so all that caramel goodness goes right all over the rolls. They’re super popular.”

Local customer Kasey Arritt said his top two choices are the classic cinnamon roll or the caramel roll.

“They taste wonderful. They always seem be fresh and my family just really enjoys them,” Arritt said.

A recipe Foster has incorporated since taking ownership of the bakery is a family favorite — the pudding cookie. She said it comes from a recipe that lunch ladies would make at Parker-Egin Elementary where she attended as a child in St. Anthony.

“They used to make the best pudding cookie. That recipe, they actually shared it with my mom and we would make it at home,” Foster said.

She said pudding mix is added to the cookie dough and pudding mixes alternate depending on the season.


A speciality cinnamon roll made wiht chocolate sauce and chocolate syrup

Foster said people also come to enjoy the sugar cookies, homemade soups, salads, and sandwiches as well. A popular choice around lunchtime is the cheesy roll sandwich, and customers can load it up anyway they’d like.

“We’ve actually taken that cinnamon roll and instead of lining it with cinnamon and all the good gooey stuff, we actually line it with cheese. We make sandwiches and call them our cheesy roll sandwich,” Foster said.

Foster said if you’re a first time customer or a regular the classic cinnamon roll will never disappoint.

“We still have people who move away who will email us and ask if we can ship them clear across the United States,” Foster said.

Address: 1813 S 25th E, Ammon, ID 83406
Phone: (208) 523-5055
Hours: Monday thru Saturday: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.