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Idaho double homicide to be featured in Discovery Channel TV Show

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IDAHO FALLS — A brutal double homicide that took place in Idaho during the 1980’s is now getting national attention. In 1989, William Gray killed his wife and another woman outside of Idaho Falls. Now the lead investigator on the case is telling the story for a new crime documentary.

“Out of all the homicides I’ve done this one was (the most difficult) because we had to try to figure out different loopholes,” said Victor Rodriguez, a retired homicide detective.

On July 24th, 1989, Reeda Ronda and Betty Gray were gunned down inside a home outside of Idaho Falls. Victor says this crime was all about deception. Inside the home, police found signs of a satanic ritual killing, But Victor knew the chilling scene was just a smoke screen. Turns out, Betty’s husband, William Gray killed them over infidelity and insurance money.

“At the crime scene within 4 hours we already figured out who the suspect was, however, it took almost 4 years to bring that case to the criminal court,” explained Rodriguez.

It wouldn’t be until after William Gray’s own children filed a wrongful death lawsuit against their dad that police were able to get a conviction. Gray died in prison in 2010. Twenty-eight years have passed since Rodriguez was dispatched to the scene, but soon he’ll tell the story for a Discovery Channel crime documentary. He says he’s doing it all to not only let the world know but so the victims’ families can find more closure.

“I thought my law enforcement career was over that’s what I wanted to retire from, but (these opportunities) keep popping up and I guess I’m just honored,” said Rodriguez.

The documentary will air on the Discovery Channel’s show “On The Case With Paula Zahn” No word yet on an official air date. Victor Rodriguez has also appeared in two other true crime TV shows.

This story was originally published by fellow CNN affiliate KIVI. It is used here with permission.