Pocatello High School helps clean up the community

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POCATELLO — More than 1,000 Pocatello High School students and faculty helped with community projects around the city Friday.

It was the school’s second annual ‘Day of Service.’

One of the community service projects was students walking up and down Bannock Highway picking up trash and putting it in garbage bags along the side of the road.

School officials say it benefits both the students and the community.

The students develop leadership skills and get to experience teamwork in action.

“It feels great because I know I’m doing something really great for the community and just giving back to the community,” Pocatello High School Student Jaselle Wiscop Phelps says

“It makes me feel awesome because like around Pocatello there is a lot of trash and we picked up quite a bit just by walking down the highway,” Pocatello High School Student Wolf Skelton says.

Other projects included helping at the Food Bank, cleaning fire trucks, building a patio, painting sheds, and planting brush to prevent run off.

This article was originally published by KPVI. It is used here with permission.


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