Tapp says argument with wife was a ‘misunderstanding that will not ruin our marriage’


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Chris Tapp speaks with EastIdahoNews.com from the Bonneville County Jail. | EastIdahoNews.com.

IDAHO FALLS — Christopher Tapp says an argument with his wife that led to criminal charges this week was a “misunderstanding that’s been blown out of proportion.”

In a jailhouse interview with EastIdahoNews.com, an emotional Tapp said his wife, Stacy, is supporting him and this incident will not ruin their marriage.

“The biggest thing people need to know is my wife still loves me. She’s still standing beside me, and people need to respect her and her wishes,” Tapp said.

Tapp was arrested on one charge of domestic battery and a charge of interference with a telecommunication device. He pleaded not guilty to both misdemeanor charges Tuesday.

WATCH | Chris Tapp pleads not guilty to domestic battery charge

Bonneville County Sheriff deputies were called to his home on O’Bryant Street around 1:15 p.m. Monday for a report of a dispute that had turned physical. During the incident, investigators say, Stacy Tapp tried to get a cell phone to call police but was prevented from doing so by Chris Tapp. Deputies say Stacy also had minor injuries.

EastIdahoNews.com typically does not publish the names of victims in domestic abuse cases but Stacy Tapp has repeatedly identified herself on the EastIdahoNews.com Facebook page and other public forums as the other person involved in the case.

“I get that arguments will happen between married couples. People have to understand that I was gone for 20 years. I have a little PTSD and a little depression – but that’s no excuse,” Tapp said Wednesday. “We had an argument, and she slipped and fell.”

On social media, Stacy Tapp said Chris Tapp called police because he was afraid she was calling the police. She was actually calling her mother, according to Stacy Tapp, and as Chris Tapp tried to pull her back inside the house, she says she lost her balance and fell.

“The police already have their vendetta or grudge against me. Now they’ve ruined her life and my life even more,” Chris Tapp told EastIdahoNews.com.

Police reports have not yet been released in this case.

Tapp was convicted of raping and murdering 18-year-old Angie Dodge in 1997 at her Idaho Falls apartment. He confessed to Idaho Falls Police detectives that he committed the crime, but serious questions were raised that the confession was coerced or false. Numerous DNA samples left at the crime scene did not match Tapp’s.

In March, the rape charge was vacated as part of an agreement that allowed him to be released from prison with a completed sentence.

Tapp hopes to post $7,500 bail Wednesday and stay with friends as he is not allowed to have contact with his wife until Oct. 17, 2019, or until the charges are dismissed.

He plans to fight the no-contact order issued by Magistrate Judge Steven Gardner at his next court hearing Oct. 25 and says he isn’t going to let these charges distract him from moving on with life.

“I’ve busted my butt since I’ve been home for seven months. I’m in therapy, I’m working, I’m sober, I’m clean, I’m married and I’m trying to keep my life together with everything that I was doing,” he said.


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