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The Little Gym promises a unique experience for kids

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IDAHO FALLS — They say laughter is the best medicine. And laughter is what kids enjoy most.

The Little Gym of Idaho Falls offers children a place to laugh and have fun while getting physical, social and emotional activity.

“We’re very serious about the fun we have,” Little Gym Owner Tori Cain tells

The business model is new to eastern Idaho, but The Little Gym is a 40-year-old franchise with 300 locations around the globe.

“It was founded by several educators who were interested in bringing non-competitive gymnastics and programming for kids ages 4 months to 12-years-old,” Cain says.

As with any gym, The Little Gym is membership based. For an annual $40 membership fee, parents get discounts on classes for their kids that provide cognitive and developmental training.

“The kids will be in an appropriate class with their peers where they can learn our 3-D philosophy of learning,” says Cain.

The learning philosophy includes three parts. The first part is called Get Moving. This is the physical aspect that Cain says uses gymnastics as a springboard to life’s adventures. The second part is Kids for Success, a series of brain-boosting activities and Citizen Kid, the third part, is targeted towards social and emotional development.

Each class includes a lesson plan and a new theme every week, backed by years of developmental research.

“The biggest benefit I see (from these classes) is kids becoming more confident in themselves,” says Assistant Gym Director Abby Steiner. “We’ll have kids that start out really shy and then branch out. It’s amazing how much they grow in all aspects. They just become a well-rounded kid.”

Cain and her staff are doing dry-runs this week, where they practice teaching classes in preparation for their grand opening April 2.

The Little Gym of Idaho Falls is hosting an open house Saturday, March 31 from 2 p.m to 5 p.m., where prizes and free introductory classes will be offered.

“We want people to see the value of it. It’s an amazing program. We offer everything a kid needs,” Steiner says.

The Little Gym of Idaho Falls is located at 3406 South 25th East inside Kingwood Plaza.

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