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New halotherapy at Ahhhsome Relaxation has many health benefits, owners say

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AMMON – Ahhhsome Relaxation, a 24 hour, seven day a week “stress reduction center” in Ammon has a new therapy treatment they want you to know about. It’s called halotherapy.

Halotherapy exposes patients to dry salt particles, which help enhance lung capacity, increase oxygen intake and boost endurance, co-owner Shawn Tolman says. Tolman says halotherapy has many other health benefits and is 100-percent natural.

Co-owner Alyce Jeppesen took me on a tour of the building and let me try out the new therapy.

I sat in a small room that looks similar to what you’d see in a sauna, but instead of sitting on hard benches and feeling heat, I sat in a recliner and looked at a halogen light in the corner.

Halotherapy chamber inside Ahhhsome Relaxation | Courtesy photo

After just a few minutes, Jeppesen said she felt “very chill.”

“I don’t feel any different,” I told her after a 15-minute session.

“It’s not a magic bullet,” Jeppesen told me. “It takes anywhere from three to 25 sessions, depending on what your issue is, to rebuild the lungs, ear, nose and throat.”

Ahhhsome Relaxation offers many other relaxation options for clients, including massage chairs, infrared light therapy and meditation chambers.

Jeppesen says stress is a heavy contributing factor for so many ailments, such as cancer.

“Stress and cancer are bedfellows. You almost never have cancer without a decent amount of stress in your life,” says Jeppesen.

She experienced this firsthand. Her son was diagnosed with Stage 3B Lymphoma before they opened in 2015. Medical treatment combined with relaxation techniques offered at Ahhhsome helped her son become cancer free. A year later, Jeppesen was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

“I am doing really well. If you get your stress level down, it’s amazing what your body can do,” says Jeppesen.

Ahhhsome Relaxation is membership-based. Members can enjoy anything offered at the clinic for $75 a month any time they want. There is an additional cost for halotherapy. A limited-use membership is also available for $35.

“I want people to feel like they’re on vacation when they come here,” Jeppesen says. “There’s nothing like it in the world.”

“When you feel better, you sleep better,” Tolman told us in 2015. “When you sleep better, you feel better.”

Ahhhsome Relaxation is located at 939 South 25th East in the business park by CAL Ranch and World Gym.

You can learn more about Halotherapy on their website.

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