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2 local women receive pink Cadillacs from Mary Kay on the same day

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REXBURG — If you’ve driven around east Idaho, you’ve probably seen the Mary Kay makeup brands signature vehicle — a rose pink Cadillac.

Well, those Cadillac’s aren’t free, and they aren’t something beauty directors can win. With a unit of at least 30 women, those sweet rides are earned.

Not only did one director get to pick up her car, but two Mary Kay directors celebrated their double Cadillac pickups Thursday — something that rarely happens in the Mary Kay world.

“In my 22 years, I’ve never seen it before and I’ve never had it happen to me before at the same dealership at the same time,” Independent Senior Sales Director Tammy Brown tells EastIdahoNews.com.

Brown, along with Executive Senior Cadillac Sales Director Jenn Kirkham, celebrated the momentous occasion with other beauty consultants. The Taylor dealership in Rexburg held a complimentary reception for the directors.

“There are thousands of women who earn Cadillacs every single quarter, but normally we just don’t get to pick them up together because they’re sent at different times,” Kirkham says.

Kirkham, who’s from Rigby, says the Cadillac is like a “trophy on wheels” as their unit has to sell over $200,000 of product within six months to earn the car. Kirkham says to her knowledge, she and Brown may be the only two Cadillac directors in eastern Idaho.

“It takes a lot of personal growth for you to be able to move to that level,” Kirkham says. “We teach our consultants how to build better businesses, but then also we’re teaching them all about time management and money management skills — we’re teaching them all sorts of things.”

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Jenn Kirkham and Tammy Brown at Taylor’s in Rexburg with their new pink Cadillacs| Courtesy Photo

Brown and Kirkham say the car not only speaks to the leadership skills they possess, but to the successful women who they train.

“This new car represents over 200 women in my personal Mary Kay unit that are servicing customers and representing themselves as independent beauty consultants,” Brown says.

Brown, from Rexburg, says this is the eighth Cadillac she’s earned and her 11th car with the company. She says directors and beauty consultants can earn career vehicles like a silver Chevy Cruze Hatchback, a black Chevy Equinox, and for a limited time a black Mini Cooper with pink pinstripes.

“The pink Cadillac is the top of the pyramid of cars in Mary Kay,” Brown says.

Brown and Kirkham say they want others to know that Mary Kay isn’t about the director who gets to drive the Cadillac, rather, it’s about helping women dream, succeed and become their best selves.

“They don’t work for me. I work for them.” Brown says.

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Courtesy Photo

Directors have to requalify or earn their Cadillacs every two years. Used cars are sent back to Cadillac, painted, and put back on a car lot as a lease return.