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Man arrested for DUI after car smashes into home

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IDAHO FALLS — A couple living in the Stonebrook neighborhood awoke to sounds of a man crashing into their garage around 2 a.m. Friday.

Charles Urbanski lives on the 3500 block of Stonebrook Lane and says he and his wife didn’t see anything at first when they looked out their window.

“I walked downstairs, out the front door and saw that a car ran into the house and ended up in front of the neighbor’s house,” Urbanski says, noting that the car was still running.

The Urbanskis called the police and then went to check on the driver — 27-year-old Shayce Ventura Clark.

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Natalia Hepworth,
Shayce Clark | Bonneville County Jail

Urbanski says Clark told him he was ok and that nobody else was in the car.

“It’s obvious he was coming from Sunnyside and Boulevard down Stonebrook Lane,” Urbanski says. “There’s a bend in the road and he missed the bend. He kept going straight and ran into our garage.”

Idaho Falls Police Sgt. Jon Johnson tells that Clark was booked for driving under the influence. He was scheduled to be arraigned Friday afternoon.

The Urbanskis say they’ve reported the incident to their insurance company, but don’t have an estimate on the amount of damage done to their home.

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Natalia Hepworth,
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Natalia Hepworth,