Woman accused of attacking pregnant worker

Crime Watch

REXBURG — A woman was arrested Saturday for aggravated assault and battery after she allegedly attacked a pregnant woman.

Mikaela Ivie, 21, was booked into the Madison County Jail after police were called to investigate the incident, which occurred Thursday.

The victim was an employee of a company that works with adults who have intellectual or developmental disabilities. The employee was working with Ivie when the assault occurred, according to Rexburg Police Chief Shane Turman.

A police report states Ivie shoved the victim into a wall repeatedly and made threats to kill the employee’s unborn child. Ivie allegedly kicked and shoved the pregnant worker in the stomach and repeatedly threw her into the wall.

“She was arrested for aggravated battery because it was a force likely to cause great bodily harm or death,” Turman says.

Ivie is scheduled for her first court appearance Monday afternoon.

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