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High-tech quilting shop offers laser designs

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RIGBY — Two quilting fanatics have stitched a niche quilting shop into the heart of Rigby.

“We just knew that there was a need for a high-quality, high-end quilt shop in Rigby and wanted to bring some unique things to the market,” Stichin’ Around Quilts co-owner Christine Jarvie says.

Jarvie and Linda Kauer opened up Stichin’ Around Quilts last year. It used to be on Main Street but is now at 185 West 1st North. The shop specializes in laser-cut kits and precut pre-fused applique. Applique is a quilting process where a smaller piece of fabric is attached on top of the base fabric of a quilt.

“The shop is not just four walls with fabric inside of it– it is an experience. It’s a place where you come and find new techniques, new ways to do something that may be a little faster, a little easier, but then traditional stuff as well,” Jarvie says.

Natalia Hepworth,

Unique, crisp patterns are designed and cut through a computer program and a laser.

Jarvie says at the beginning of the process, a pattern or design is put into the computer with the proper measurements in place. Fabric roughly “fat quarter” size (18 inches by 21 inches) is placed into the laser machine. Jarvie says this fabric already has HeatnBond, a double-sided fabric adhesive, for the backing. From there, the laser cuts a seamless design.

“The computer and the laser talk, and the laser cuts that out in the most exact, precise shape,” Jarvie says.

Jarvie says the quilting kits they offer can be used for different types of projects.

“It’s very versatile. You can make a great big quilt, a little pillow, a table runner, just whatever you like,” Jarvie says.

The Stichin’ Around crew. | Natalia Hepworth,

Jarvie says quilters can bring their own personal pattern to be laser cut or one that a quilter has purchased.

“We are very careful about the copyright issue — you can bring us any kind of pattern that you’ve paid for, and we can put that in the system and cut it for you,” Jarvie says.

The shop offers many quilting fabrics and material. Jarvie says it’s a good place for quilters to stay updated and interact with local quilters.

“Really, quilting is all about being creative and just having fun doing what you would like to do,” Jarvie says.

Natalia Hepworth,

Stichin Around Quilts at 185 West 1st North in Rigby. | Natalia Hepworth,