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DeOrr Kunz Jr.

READ: Philip Klein’s entire statement following end of litigation

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The following is a statement from Philip Klein, President of Klein Investigations and Consulting.

On Friday of this past week, we learned that Vernal Kunz had signed a full release of our company and Mr. Klein regarding the lawsuit named Kunz v. Klein,

The lawsuit, which was won in court by our legal team three times, was discharged by the court as the court found there was no (zero) wrongdoing by the team and Mr. Klein in general. Mr. Klein and Mr. Klein’s insurance company gave notice that they were filing court papers to recover the cost (s) to the insurance company and Mr. Klein. The amount, since the three filings, had topped just over $150,000.

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During the time of the hearings, Mr. Kunz’s financial status was reviewed. It was determined that Mr. Kunz and his father’s estate was “uncollectable.” It was determined that it would take many years and much more attorney fee’s to collect from Mr. Kunz. Therefore, Mr. Klein, Mr. Klein’s insurance company and Mr. Klein’s company made the decision to end the litigation to collect.

Therefore, on Friday, Mr. Kunz signed his dismissal and full release of any and all claims towards the parties.

We have said since day one that this case was not only frivolous, but a discovery hunt to prepare for criminal defense. We, the investigators in the case, stand next to our opinions and conclusions based upon our investigation and the law enforcement investigation that not only is Vernal Kunz a person of interest, yet a suspect in the disappearance of DeOrr Kunz, Jr.

As well, we, the investigators in the case, stand next to our opinions and conclusions based upon our investigation and law enforcement investigation that not only is Jessica Mitchell – Anderson a person of interest, yet a suspect in the disappearance of DeOrr Kunz, Jr.

Both parties, Mitchell and Kunz (and two representatives), have attempted to point to our firm as doing poor investigation regarding their missing child. We want to remind the public that both parties have changed their stories, been named by law enforcement as not only a person of interest but a suspect in this case. As well, they have failed polygraph tests and sadly have lied to you the public – that they were found “inconclusive” which is simply not true.

As we now have left the case, and all litigation is over and KIC Texas has been found exonerated, we call upon both Kunz and Mitchell to end this fiasco and step up, man up, and tell the dedicated LE agents the truth. What we have seen by both parties in the media has been nothing but a sickening example of “deflection” of an event that in our opinion was most probably an accident and coverup.

Lastly, let us thank you the citizens of IDAHO for your support during this matter. There is a small group of sad people that acted like lawyers, tried to put their spin on this case in both the media and in public, and tried to hurt our good name. I say to you that you are pathetic and owe this hard-working and dedicated team that works all over the United States an apology. We know we will not get it – but the spotlight of shame is now on you. As for the rest of the citizens – thank you for opening your hearts, minds, and honest intention (s).

We understand that the case is still fluid, we have opened our files (again) to the Federal Government, Lemhi, and Bonneville County Sheriffs Department. We have told all of the agencies that we are there for them and will always continue to be until this is over.

I, personally, would be remiss if I did not thank Hans Mitchell and Steven Hart, our legal team, for their great counsel and hard work. From minute one they saw this case for what it was. As well, the Judge in the case that read and understood the law to which anyone looking at this case can see right through the smoke screen which was attempted to be set up by Mitchell-Anderson, and Kunz.

And let’s all remember, there is a little boy that is missing. DeOrr Kunz, Jr., does not deserve this show his parents attempted to put up. He deserves to come home and a proper burial. God bless this young child.

Again, God Bless little DeOrr, law enforcement, and the citizens of Idaho. We hope and pray an end comes soon in this case.