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Idaho police officer responds to barking complaint, shoots dog as it comes at him

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NAMPA (Idaho Statesman) — A Nampa Police officer on Sunday responded to a report of a barking dog and shot the animal in a neighborhood.

The officer responded at around 4 p.m. to a home on south Fremont Street for a neighborhood complaint, according to a news release from Nampa PD.

“When the officer arrived he made contact with the resident and there were two large breed dogs at the door, barking,” according to the news release. “The occupant of the home opened the front door and was not able to contain or control the dogs. Both dogs came outside with one of the dogs barking and aggressively attacking the officer.”

The officer reportedly pushed the dog back with his foot, attempting to keep it away, but the officer claims the dogs charged at him.

“The officer was backed up against the garage and could not go back any further as the dog jumped at the officer attempting to bite him. With the dog coming at him a second time he fired one round from his duty pistol, striking the dog,” according to the release. “The shot was fired away from the front entryway and facing down into an empty yard.”

The occupant of the home advised that she did not mean for the dog to go after the officer and that she was watching it for a friend, police said in the news release.

The dog was transported to a veterinarian clinic by a private party after it was located. Christina Logan said in a public Facebook post that the animal, named Rebel, was simply jumping up to greet the officer when he fired his weapon in front of her children, shooting the animal.

“The Nampa Police Department is continuing to review information and video related to this incident, as we do with all use of force reports or discharge of a firearm by an officer,” the release said. “These situations are never easy and is a lose-lose situation as the officer or the dog may be hurt.”

The Idaho Statesman reached out to Logan for comment but did not receive an immediate response.

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