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New taco truck in Rexburg offers customers a taste of ‘authentic Mexican food’

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Tony’s Tacos opened April 24 next to Ray’s Chevron in Rexburg. Get a look at the meat on the broiler in the video player above. | Photos and video provided by Jose Antonio

REXBURG – If you’re a fan of Mexican food, then Tony’s Tacos in Rexburg may be a place you want to try.

It’s a taco truck that opened several weeks ago next to Ray’s Chevron at 279 N. 2nd East.

The principal menu item at Tony’s Tacos is tacos al pastor, which refers to the way the meat is cooked.

“Al pastor is meat that is marinated,” Jose Antonio, the chef and meat preparer, tells “We cook it in a (vertical) broiler.”

The meat, in this case, is pork, which is marinated in salsa that includes a combination of dried chilies, peppers, pineapple and spices. It marinates for a whole day before it’s cooked so the juices and flavor can soak into the meat.

This particular cooking style is very popular in Mexico, Antonio says, and it’s not offered anywhere else in eastern Idaho.

Other menu items include gringa, two tortillas stuffed with mozzarella cheese and meat al pastor. Tony’s Tacos also serves molitas, two corn tortillas with mozzarella cheese and meat, and torta, a type of sandwich, with lettuce, guacamole, Pico de Gallo and beans.

Antonio says the taco truck is a result of customer demand. He was involved in opening Casa De Ochoa five years ago, a Mexican restaurant at 383 S. 2nd West. Tacos Al Pastor is a popular menu item there, he says, but it’s cooked on a grill, rather than a broiler.

“When people came to Case De Ochoa, they were always asking me ‘When are you going to open Tacos Al Pastor in the way people serve in Mexico?’ That’s why we decided to do this,” Antonio says.

Though it’s been challenging to open it up during the pandemic, Antonio says the customer response has been positive and people seem to love the flavor.

Antonio says they’re considering opening a permanent location sometime in the future or getting another food truck in Rigby or Idaho Falls so they can bring “the flavor of real, authentic Mexican food” directly to people.

“We’re here in Rexburg and we’re looking to serve people as best we can,” Antonio says.

Tony’s Tacos Al Pastor is open 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Visit the Facebook page for more information.