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Presidential candidate making a stop in Idaho Falls on Thursday night


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Jo Jorgensen is running for president as a third-party Libertarian candidate. | Courtesy photo

IDAHO FALLS – A presidential candidate is making a stop in eastern Idaho.

Jo Jorgensen of Libertyville, Illinois, is running for president as a Libertarian, and she’s holding a rally in Idaho Falls on Thursday night.

She tells she is running because the federal government is “too big, too nosy, too bossy, too intrusive” and “often hurts the people they are trying to help.”

“You know best what’s best for you, and not the bureaucrats and lobbyists in Washington,” Jorgensen says.

The main focus of her campaign is making health care less regulated and more accessible to people. She says the only way to make that happen is by removing the government’s involvement and returning to a free-market system.

“Top-down monopolies just don’t work. They haven’t worked in England or Canada, and they certainly wouldn’t work here,” she says. “I’d like to get back to a free-market system in which health care providers are competing for us.”

Another focus of her campaign is bringing the troops home. She says though the military’s job is to protect the U.S., it makes American citizens less safe by having troops scattered throughout the world.

“We’re in 150 countries right now, and we spend more than the next seven countries combined. It’s just not working,” says Jorgensen.

Jorgensen says she never had any notions of getting involved in government, but the growth of the federal government and the polarization of the major political parties compelled her to throw her hat in the ring.

But this is not Jorgensen’s first time in politics.

She was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for South Carolina’s 4th Congressional District in 1992. Four years later, she became the vice-presidential nominee with Harry Browne.

She has a Ph.D. from Clemson University in industrial/organizational psychology and has taught full time since 2006.

“Last year there was a brouhaha about President Trump giving fast food to the national championship football team because the workers were on strike — that was my team,” Jorgensen says. “They were happy to be guests at the White House and to meet the President.”

As Jorgensen has traveled across the country, she says the biggest surprise to her has been the cheers she’s received whenever she talks about ending the federal reserve.

“I didn’t realize so many people were involved enough in politics to even understand that,” Jorgensen says. “Ninety percent of the dollar has disappeared since the federal reserve was (created).”

The biggest threat facing America today, she says, is the government doing what it’s not supposed to do by “making decisions for everyone about everything.” Knowing there are politicians who want to extend the government’s reach even further is what keeps her awake at night.

She cites the COVID-19 pandemic and Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to a hair salon without a mask as an example of this.

“One of the big issues people in Congress were outraged about (during the ’90s) was how … they would go to the barbershop at taxpayer’s expense,” Jorgensen says. “Now, we’ve got people like Nancy Pelosi passing laws that say we can’t even go to the barbershop and then they get to go.”

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Going back to work and getting things back to normal should be a high priority, Jorgensen says.

This year marks the fifth time a Libertarian candidate has been on the presidential ticket in all 50 states. The last time this happened was during the 2016 election.

Jorgensen will not appear on the debate stage, but she says 75% of her volunteers are from outside the two main parties, and there is a lot of interest from voters. She considers herself a viable alternative to Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

“I would love for people to check us out and see what they think,” she says.

Her rally is happening Thursday at Freeman Park in Idaho Falls. It will begin at 5:45 p.m. and go until 7 p.m.

The event is free, but registration is required. Visit the website for more information.