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Woman with “unfixable” jaw who’s had 96 surgeries sobs when given special Secret Santa gift

Secret Santa

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A Secret Santa is back and this Christmas is bigger than ever!

The team is busy helping a local man gift more than $500,000 this holiday season. A lot more. Secret Santa is a real person who wants to remain anonymous and hopes to help as many individuals in our community as he can.

A few years ago, Jennifer fell while she was working at a hotel and broke her jaw. After enduring 96 surgeries, doctors have deemed her jaw “unfixable.” She has to blend foods and drink smoothies as she cannot chew anything. She also obtained a traumatic brain injury from the accident which in turn has given her severe headaches and makes her forget things easily.

The worst part is she acquired a severe MRSA infection over a year ago in her sinuses from not being able to move her jaw. The infection has now spread throughout her whole body. Antibiotics are not working, and they cannot get the infection to go away. Often, she has surgeries to physically chip away the infection that has built up into her sinus cavity so that she can breathe. Every day she is very sick from the medicines she takes and is in a lot of pain.

She is not able to work due to her health, but volunteers weekly at Ethel Boyes Elementary helping young children read. Working with the kids gives her something to look forward to and gives her hope. She is truly the most giving and charitable person you’ll meet. She puts everyone’s needs before her own.

On top of all of this, Jennifer’s father passed away a few days ago from COVID-19.

Secret Santa asked us to spread some holiday cheer to Jennifer and we showed up with a special gift. When we arrived, she was shoveling her neighbor’s driveway. Watch the surprise in the video player above!

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