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Grand Teton Gunfighters enjoy fast draws and family connections

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IDAHO FALLS (KPVI) – Bullets were flying and six guns were blazing during the Grand Teton Gunfight in Idaho Falls last weekend.

The annual shootout is hosted by the Eagle Rock Outlaws, a shooting club in Idaho Falls.

During the event, each shooter has a chance to hit their targets as fast as they can, and whoever qualifies, participates in the championship game.

But a gathering like the Grand Teton Gunfight is about more than just hitting your targets.

“We go to people in their 80’s and I know personally … some families actually have four generations of shooters competing,” says Club Member Vernon Ulrich.

The Eagle Rock Outlaws have been around since 2005 and are one of many clubs across the globe connected to the Cowboy Fast Draw Association.

“We have three basic mottos within Cowboy Fast Draw: Safety first, Fun second, Competition third,” said Ulrich.

Ulrich says different clubs give off different energy, depending on how they run things.

“They’re just real clickish and they don’t always want to give you the competition to give somebody a piece of advice that might help them improve their shooting,” says Ulrich.

But that’s not the case for the Eagle Rock Outlaws. Those who participate in this Idaho Falls club say there’s almost a family connection between club members.

“We’re all very supportive of each other. I mean, you’ll go up to your opponent and you’ll hug each other and you’ll laugh on the line. It’s a lot of fun,” says Anna Be Good, another gunslinger.

Ulrich says this sport allows people to get to know each other well and to those who participate, nothing else compares to this sport.

“We find that throughout the entire sport,” he says. “I can tell you about their families, where their children go to school, what type of jobs they do, etc.,” says Ulrich.

Whether you win the championship or come in last place, Anna says the level of enjoyment is the same.

“The championships, those are cool and they’re kind of bragging rights. But at the same time, I’ve also come in at last place and had just as much fun, if not more,” says Anna.

To join the club or learn more, visit the group’s Facebook page. You can also call (208) 881-8229.