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Biz Buzz: Woman helps others ‘harness their own magic’ with new metaphysical store

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New metaphysical health and wellness store opens in Ammon

dealing tarot
Kaylee Stemkoski dealing tarot cards at Mystic Misfits. | Rett Nelson,

AMMON – Kaylee Stemkoski was a teenager when she started reading tarot cards. The 25-year-old woman opened Mystic Misfits, a metaphysical health and wellness store in Ammon, on Sept. 1.

Stemkoski recalls visiting a psychic when she was 18. She was caught off guard when the woman tried gifting her a deck of tarot cards.

“I thought she was crazy. I thought she was trying to get me to sign up for a class or something, so I kept telling her no,” Stemkoski tells

When she told a friend about it later, Stemkoski realized the offer was a big deal. The woman felt she had a natural ability, and Stemkoski said she finally accepted her gift and honed her skills.

She worked on a volunteer basis for about five years and eventually got so busy she started charging people. She began offering tarot readings for customers at Healing Hands in downtown Idaho Falls last summer before eventually opening her own shop in the old Embellished Beauty Studio.

During a grand opening over the weekend, Stemkoski says there was a line out the door before she even arrived.

“There were 20 people lined up outside, ready to come in. It was really cool and really exciting. All of the local makers (other people who sell things in her store) made sales, which was really important to me,” says Stemkoski.

Mystic Misfits offers a variety of products and services, including a hair, nail, eyelash and esthetics salon. It also offers Reiki energy therapy, rocks, crystals, candles, plants and other metaphysical supplies.

Stemkoski says the business offers a comfortable space where people can come for self-care. It’s also a place where local makers can sell their own natural healing products.

“You can either get metaphysical supplies from a local maker or a wholesaler … and (I like supporting local people),” Stemkoski explains.

Some of the maker offerings include art from The Mystic Sister, Grace Gokey. Julie Hale also offers crystal energy healing, aura cleansing, chakra alignment and handmade crystal jewelry.

Stemkoski runs the business with her partner, BrieAnna Chambers.

Stemkoski will graduate from Idaho State University this fall, and she’s excited to devote her efforts to the business full-time.

“Watching people harness their own magic (is what I find most rewarding about this venture),” Stemkoski says. “It’s showing people how to believe in themselves and harness their own magic.”

Mystic Misfits is at 3035 East 17th Street in Ammon and is open from 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Visit the Facebook page for more information.

mystic misfits
Mystic Misfits opened Sept. 1 at 3035 East 17th Street in Ammon. | Rett Nelson,


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