Farmer Andrew Mickelsen answers 7 Questions with Emmy surrounded by millions of potatoes

7 Questions

Every week I’m interviewing fascinating people in our community, nation and around the world!

The idea came from a Facebook commenter who saw a video of me and my family floating down the river in Island Park. The person said I should turn the tables and interview my dad (Nate Eaton) – so I did and the rest is history!

Today I’m visiting Mickelsen Farms and learning all about the vegetable of my home state! Andrew Mickelsen has spent his life farming potatoes and has grown millions of spuds on his family’s property.

He invited me to one of their potato cellars and let get an up close look at how these delicious vegetables end up on our plates.

Here are the questions I asked Andrew:

  • How many potatoes do you dig out of the ground every year?
  • When do you plant the potato seeds and when do you dig them out of the ground?
  • Where are all of the places you send your spuds?
  • How many varieties of potatoes do you grow and how many are there the world?
  • What’s your favorite part and the worst part about being a farmer?
  • What’s the best potato dish you’ve ever had?
  • How do you know when the potatoes are ready to harvest?

Watch my entire interview with Andrew in the video player above and learn more about Mickelsen Farms by visiting their Facebook page.

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