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A Walmart fuel center employee helps a mother in need and is honored for Feel Good Friday

Feel Good Friday

Share This and Ashley Furniture HomeStore in Idaho Falls and Pocatello are partnering to honor people in our community for Feel Good Friday. Every week, we surprise someone deserving of a special thank you.

We received an email earlier this month about a man working at the Walmart fuel center in Idaho Falls. The message said:

I was on my way home late from a wedding shoot in Island Park to Pocatello when I realized I needed some gas. I pulled into the Walmart gas station and started the process of getting gas when I heard a click and beep. My car had just randomly locked and inside were my keys, cameras, gear AND my phone. I checked all the doors and I couldn’t get it. I had no idea what to do but try to call my husband. I went inside the gas station where Brian let me use the phone. While I waited for insurance to send someone to unlock my car, Brian let me stay inside the building as he closed up. He asked if I wanted a chair and said he would wait with me after everything closes up if needed. He even offered his personal phone so I could stay in contact with my husband. I felt so bad because I am sure the last thing he wanted to do after a long day is sit with this random stranded lady after hours. He kept assuring me that it was no problem at all and that we would rather I stay safe than wait outside a gas station alone.

At this point my husband was on his way and someone was on their way to come unlock my car. I told Brian that I was just going to go to Walmart because I needed to get some things anyway and thanked him for everything. I could tell he was worried, but he unlocked the gas station doors for me, reassuring me that he would be there for another half hour if I needed/wanted to come back.

I am sure that Brian doesn’t get a lot of thanks for his job. I bet he thinks he doesn’t make a difference. However, he went above and beyond that night helping this exhausted, scared, and helpless mother. I want to make sure that he knows his actions didn’t go unnoticed and that everyone knows how amazing he was and is. I know, without a doubt, that Brian would have waited with me outside the gas station for hours, if needed.

When I got back into my car I was overcome with emotion. I have lived outside of southeast Idaho, this situation could have been very dangerous. I am so thankful to live in this community that has good people with good hearts that go out of their way to help others. We are SO blessed, and I will always remember the kindness and service I received that night!

We wanted to recognize Brian for helping this woman in need and surprised him while he was on the job. Check out the video in the player above!

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