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Grant will help purchase new books for library at local school

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ST. ANTHONY — Students at a local school will get new books for their library thanks to a grant that will help them continue their education.

Henry’s Fork Elementary School in St. Anthony just received $1,500 from the Idaho Community Foundation to support the purchase of books for their library.

“We just go through so many books because there are over 500 kids in this school. We just use them over and over as much as we can,” said Linda Law, the librarian at Henry’s Fork Elementary School.

The Idaho Community Foundation offers grants to nonprofits, schools, and other organizations and provides scholarships to students.

In a letter written to Henry’s Fork Elementary School by the Idaho Community Foundation, it said, “Grantmaking is at the heart of what we do at the Idaho Community Foundation and we thank you for allowing us to be a part of your mission.”

According to their website, money for grants and scholarships comes from charitable funds established by donors. The Idaho Community Foundation serves all 44 Idaho counties.

“It’s great. This foundation has been really good to us. They gave us a $9,000 grant about five years ago. This year, I was just trying to get money to replace some of our really old, really hard used books and so that’s what this was,” Law said.

Law told the grant was given in October and she just received some new books for the students. With the grant, Law estimates the money will probably purchase about 150 books. Each new book costs anywhere from $10-$20 each.