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Police investigating after yet another drug-laced hotdog consumed by a dog

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JACKSON, Wyoming — Police in Jackson, Wyoming, are investigating after a man walking his dog reported finding a hotdog laced with ibuprofen Friday.

The man was walking his three-year-old Golden Retriever in May Park before 8 a.m. when the dog found and ate some of the laced hot dogs. Veterinary staff later determined the Golden Retriever ate three potentially toxic 200mg pills, but police say the prognosis for the dog is good.

Investigators say there is no other evidence of people leaving hot dogs laced with medication in the area.

“Officers have also reached out to the veterinary clinics, local animal-related non-profits, and the Jackson/Teton County Animal Shelter,” police said. “The Jackson Police Department will provide updates to this ongoing investigation as they become available.”

Police ask people who were near May Park from dusk Thursday through Friday and saw something suspicious to call investigators at (307) 733-2331. Police are also asking for people with any doorbell cameras in the area to reach out.

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Ibuprofen-laced hot dogs have caused the death of at least one pet in the region recently. Around Christmas, a Pocatello couple took their family dogs hiking near Corral Creek. Within days, one of the dogs passed away after it was believed they ate one of the pills.

In a news release earlier this month, the U.S. Forest Service also said that investigators are trying to identify people leaving ibuprofen-laced hot dogs in Pocatello area trails. The Forest services said multiple dogs have consumed the pills disguised in the hot dogs.

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Officials say timely medical attention is key to a pet’s survival if they ingest ibuprofen. As little as 100mg of ibuprofen can be toxic to dogs.