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Woman allegedly ran over man in grocery store parking lot who she thought she knew

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IDAHO FALLS — A 39-year-old Idaho Falls woman was recently charged with two felonies after allegedly running over a man who she mistook for someone she thought she knew, which in turn broke both of his feet.

According to the affidavit of probable cause from the Idaho Falls Police Department, Brandi Morgan hit the man with her vehicle in the WinCo parking lot in Idaho Falls on Jan. 18 at around 7:45 p.m.

Police say the victim was crossing a lane near the Liquor Store when he was hit by Morgan.

“(The victim) was struck by the vehicle and stayed on the ground after being struck,” the detective wrote in the report. “The vehicle then backed up, and drove east through the parking lot, and exited the parking lot at the intersection of Easy Street and Woodruff.”

Based on surveillance footage that captured the incident, the detective wrote that the act was “very deliberate and on purpose.”

“The vehicle waited until (the victim) exited the store, drove across the proper lane of travel, and drove onto the middle of a raised island. The vehicle then left without anyone getting out to check on the wellbeing of (the victim),” the affidavit of probable cause said.

A witness told an officer that the driver, who was identified later as Morgan, yelled something similar to, “That’s what you (expletive) get.”

The detective met with the victim at his home a few days later.

“When I arrived, (the victim) was on his couch, with both feet up and wrapped in medical bandages. (He) advised that both of his feet were broken and he would have to undergo surgery to place pins in both feet,” the report said.

The victim explained that he was leaving the Liquor Store and as he crossed the road, he noticed a vehicle coming at him. He quickly moved across to the other side when he was suddenly hit by the vehicle. He lay there after he was hit and the vehicle drove off.

“I told (the victim) that based on the video footage, it appears that he was targeted,” the detective wrote in the report.

The victim told the detective that he did not know who was driving other than it was a woman. He also said he did not have any enemies.

The Idaho Falls Police Department sent out a press release on Feb. 1 asking for help from the community to try and identify the vehicle and the suspect. One of the tips led to Morgan. The anonymous tip stated Morgan hit the victim because she believed he had sexually assaulted her relative several years ago.

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After the detective met with Morgan, it was revealed that she had run over the wrong person.

“I informed Brandi that I was investigating an incident that occurred on January 18th. I asked Brandi if she knew what incident I was referring to and she said she did not…” the detective wrote.

The detective told Morgan that the investigation was regarding the accident in the WinCo parking lot.

“I explained to Brandi that I knew she was driving the car and that she had run over (the victim) but I also knew that there was more to the story than what I currently knew. Brandi said, ‘Ok’ when I confronted her with this allegation.”

Morgan told the detective to look into a statement she made with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office several years ago involving her relative.

The detective played the security footage from that night for Morgan.

“I asked what she thought happened to him (the victim) and Brandi stated, ‘I have no idea.’”

“Brandi said ‘I don’t admit to anything but there is a backstory.’ I told Brandi that I believed this whole situation was a case of mistaken identity,” the report said.

The detective asked Morgan what the name was of the male that had been involved with the report made with the sheriff’s office. She told a different name than the victims.

“I asked Brandi if it would change the situation if she hadn’t run over (the person she thought she did) and had run over someone else. Brandi said, ‘Oh hell yeah.’”

“I informed Brandi that she did not hit (the person she thought she did) and she said, ‘Great.’ I further said that she ran over an innocent person and broke both his legs. I asked Brandi if she thought anger overclouded her judgment and took over her. Brandi agreed and said, ‘That’s the biggest regret of my life, I failed my (relative).’”

According to documents, Morgan never denied the allegations against her.

“Her statement of shock when I informed her she ran over the wrong person, rather than denial, are evidence of culpability,” documents said.

Morgan told the detective that she was “absolutely certain it was him (the man she knew)…100%, so I wasn’t feeling bad. I hoped that he hurt every day for the rest of his life.”

Morgan was charged with two felonies due to the incident. One for aggravated battery and one for leaving the scene of an accident resulting in an injury or death. She was issued a no-contact order and her bond was set at $35,000.

She is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on May 11 at 1 p.m. in Bonneville County Magistrate Court in front of Judge Brendon Taylor.