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Melaleuca announces new CEO as VanderSloot is appointed to different role

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IDAHO FALLS — Melaleuca has appointed Frank VanderSloot as Executive Chairman of its Board of Directors and promoted Jerry Felton to Chief Executive Officer.

VanderSloot says his new full-time position will allow him to focus on key initiatives such as corporate strategy, messaging, new product development and corporate culture. He will continue to manage the company’s Marketing and Legal departments while training company leaders throughout the world.

Felton, who has been President of Melaleuca International, has overseen the company’s international operations for the past ten years where he has tripled revenues and led its global expansion throughout Europe and Asia, according to a news release. He started at Melaleuca in 2009 as Senior Vice President of Sales, bringing with him 17 years of experience as an executive at UPS.

Felton will handle the day-to-day operations of the $2 billion health products company and report directly to VanderSloot.

“Jerry has been extremely instrumental in the record-breaking growth that Melaleuca has experienced around the world,” VanderSloot said. “He is an exceptionally talented leader who inspires his teams to elevate strategy, communication, and processes throughout Melaleuca’s global operations. Jerry is an excellent example of passion, leadership, and innovative thinking, and he is extremely well prepared to take on this new role as the CEO of all of Melaleuca.”

VanderSloot has served as Melaleuca CEO since he founded the company in 1985 with just seven employees and eight products. Since then, he has led the development of Melaleuca’s product line, guided its growth and transformed it into one of the largest online retailers in America.

“I’ve had the good fortune of spending a lot of time with Frank over the past 13 years,” Felton said. “I’ll be the first to acknowledge that I’m not Frank. I can’t be. But I can be me, and I will carry forward the principles, values, and traditions that Frank has established over the past 37 years. We’re at a great time at Melaleuca right now. Our business is strong, it’s vibrant, and it’s growing.”

The Pilot and the Navigator

Explaining how these two executive positions work together, VanderSloot compared the new roles to flying a commercial aircraft.

“There are two people in a cockpit, the pilot and the navigator,” VanderSloot said. “The navigator charts the destination and course and files the flight plan. And the pilot flies the plane. In this case, Jerry is the pilot and I am the navigator.”

Melaleuca explained VanderSloot’s transition to Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors is not retirement; he is not stepping down or even slowing down. At 73 years old, VanderSloot enjoys good health, maintains a full work schedule, and continues to set and hold world records in the competitive sport of indoor rowing.

“Melaleuca’s growth continues to astound me,” VanderSloot said. “We have grown into an operation that enhances lives all over the world. The opportunity we provide for the little guy to get ahead financially and for those individuals and families that are now living healthier, more vibrant lives because of Melaleuca’s products is what it is all about. Hearing the stories of the lives that have been changed forever is what drives me every day. Millions need the improved immune systems and good health that Melaleuca provides its loyal customers. I am very excited about our future as we enter this new era.”

Melaleuca currently employs more than 4,600 team members and has over two million households that shop each month with the company. The company has become the largest online wellness shopping club in North America.


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