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Can you find it? Box filled with cash, prizes hidden somewhere in eastern Idaho

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IDAHO FALLS – Can you find the hidden treasure?

Anderson Hicks Group in Idaho Falls launched the first-ever Idaho Treasure Hunt on Friday. Employees hid $2,000 in a treasure box somewhere in eastern Idaho, along with tickets to the Idaho Falls Zoo, raceway, the Museum of Idaho and other partnering businesses.

Whoever finds it can keep the loot and prizes for themselves.

Clues will be posted weekly to help participants narrow down their search, the first of which was posted Friday. There’s also a treasure map on the company’s website to aid people in finding it.

“It stretches from Pocatello to Island Park, so it’s a big area,” Marketing Manager Anike Wilder tells

Wilder was inspired to launch a treasure hunt in eastern Idaho after a company in Utah did something similar.

With rising costs in gas and home prices, Wilder’s goal is to help people forget about their financial woes by sending them on a fun adventure.

“Idaho is literally known as the ‘Gem State’ and we are about overdue for a real treasure hunt within her borders,” the business writes on its website.

Those who want to participate are encouraged to post a story on social media about it and tag Anderson Hicks Group. There is also a form on the website where you can sign up to receive clues a day early.

Wilder says the box of treasure was placed in a safe location, so participants need not be worried about putting themselves in danger to find it.

“If they go off the beaten path, it won’t be more than several feet. It’s in a safe place and it’s family-friendly,” says Wilder. “Be sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen.”

There are instructions inside the treasure box on how to get a hold of Anderson Hicks Group so employees can recognize the person who finds it and learn about their experience.

How long the treasure hunt lasts depends upon how quickly participants find it, but Wilder says it likely won’t exceed more than six weeks.

“If someone hasn’t figured it out in six weeks, we’ll basically tell them where it is and they’ll just have to go get it,” she explains.

Wilder is hoping to make this an annual event.

To read the first clue or learn more, visit the Anderson Hicks Group’s Instagram page or website.