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A Feel Good Friday surprise for a boy caught on camera cleaning up a porta potty and trash during storm

Feel Good Friday and Ashley Furniture HomeStore in Idaho Falls and Pocatello are partnering to honor people in our community for Feel Good Friday. Every week, we surprise someone deserving of special recognition.

A few days ago we received a message about a 12-year-old who was picking up trash at Thunder Ridge High School during a wind storm. It said:

My wife was waiting for my son’s football practice to get over and it was super windy. Trash was flying all over the place and the wind blew over a porta potty next to the practice field. She looked and said to herself, “That’s too bad but it’s not my problem.”

Then a young man walked by who was picking up garbage everywhere it had blown. He came up to the porta potty that had blown over and stopped and proceeded to stand it up by himself. He didn’t just stand it up though. He proceeded to push it against a freight container so it wouldn’t fall over again. Then he proceeded to pick up more trash.

What an impressive kid who needs a little praise for doing things nobody asked him to do. Our community is in good hands with people like him!

We found out the 12-year-old is named William and he just moved to Idaho from Tennessee with his family. We decided to pay him a visit and surprise him for Feel Good Friday. Check it out in the video player above!

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