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Multiple dogs found severely neglected, taken by police and given to local animal shelter

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BLACKFOOT — A local animal shelter has received multiple dogs that were “severely neglected” and is asking the community for help.

Blackfoot Animal Shelter & Rescue posted on Facebook Tuesday that they received eight severely neglected and emaciated Great Danes and mixes. An animal shelter employee said there was a ninth dog, but the dog was found dead inside a home and did not make it to the shelter.

The animal shelter received the dogs last week and has been caring for them.

“They are in very, very bad shape. It’s touch and go at this time. We just have to watch them. They have been given shots. We have to see how it goes from here,” said Amanda Cevering, the executive director of the animal shelter.

Pictures posted of the dogs show them in the condition they were given to the animal shelter: dirty, skinny, and unhealthy. The Facebook post has over 200 shares and over 90 comments that say, “So unacceptable!!! Someone needs to be held accountable!” and “This breaks my heart.”

According to a statement from the Shelley Police Department, on Jan. 31, the dogs were seized by officers from a Shelley home after the department received complaints about the animals’ well-being.

“We are currently working with the prosecutor to determine what charges will be filed against the owners,” the statement from the police department said. “We are grateful for the communities concern about these animals and the help from the Blackfoot Animal Shelter.”

The nonprofit organization is doing what it can for the dogs and asked for donations in the Facebook post to help pay for their vet care.

“People donate throughout the year for our medical fund. This year alone, we have had so many dogs that needed extra medical care from doing knee replacements…things like that, and it’s already depleted our funds,” Cevering said. “It costs us to have these dogs every day for their shots, for their vet care.”

close up of dog
Courtesy Blackfoot Animal Shelter & Rescue

At last check on Tuesday afternoon, over $2,000 has been donated to help the neglected dogs. Click here if you are interested in donating and helping the animal shelter.

“We deal with cases like this probably at least once a month throughout the year. We don’t post them all. So when we do ask for money, we are grateful for any and all the donations,” she said.

Cevering says there will be updates on how the dogs are doing on Facebook.

“It’s going to be a long road for these guys but we will keep going. We will keep fighting the good fight,” she said.

one of the dogs
Courtesy Blackfoot Animal Shelter & Rescue

skinny dog
Courtesy Blackfoot Animal Shelter & Rescue

dog conditions
Courtesy Blackfoot Animal Shelter & Rescue
another skinny dog
Courtesy Blackfoot Animal Shelter & Rescue