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Emmy is asking 7 Questions and packing a box of yummy chocolates at See’s Candies

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I was recently with my family in California where you’ll find the headquarters of See’s Candies. The iconic store was founded by Charles See, his wife Florence, and his mother Mary in Los Angeles in 1921.

Joanie Olimski has worked for See’s for 26 years and I met up with her at a San Diego store to ask her some questions and pack a chocolate box! Here’s what I asked her:

  • How did See’s Candies get started and who is the woman on all the boxes?
  • How much has See’s grown since its first store opened?
  • How many different chocolate options do you sell?
  • What’s your most popular candy and do you ever sell new candies?
  • What is your personal favorite?
  • I’m from Idaho and we are known for our potatoes. Have you ever thought about having a potato chocolate or using potatoes in chocolate?
  • Along with the chocolates, See’s is known for its lollipops. Any idea how many lollipops are sold or eaten every year?
  • How do you pack the boxes so quickly? Can you help me pack a box?

Watch my entire interview with Joanie in the video player above. You can learn more about See’s on the company’s website, Facebook page and Instagram.

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